Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Jeremy Hambly Banned from GenCon

Apparently, GenCon isn't done shitting on Jeremy Hambly.  It shouldn't matter, but I'll remind everyone that Jeremy of The Quartering and Unsleeved Media fame (infamy?) is a politically moderate guy who calls corporations and individuals on their shit, but has never called for violence.

Here is my first post about it.  This is the second.  And the third.

So, I'm currently watching Jeremy's latest video...

So, basically Jeremy Hambly has been indefinitely banned from GenCon.  He got beat-up just outside the convention walls last August, and now GenCon is punishing him for no reason other than he's not a far-left SJW who punches Nazis.

This bullshit is so fucked up, I'm actually still in shock and still processing.  One hundred and eleven percent NOT attending GenCon if this is how they're going to treat attendees!!!

There are so many awesome smaller gaming cons that aren't motivated by disgusting politics.  Let's consider those next year.  Get Woke Go Broke!


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