Sunday, August 5, 2018

WTF GenCon?!?

First, Anita Sarkeesian is invited to GenCon as a guest of honor.  This upset a lot of people because, as I've researched, she's not at all a gamer or game fan, but a professional feminist... and not even a very good one, from what I've heard.

Second, GenCon mismanages the way people get their tickets in order to participate in the games they signed up for.  I know it's super crowded, but no one on God's slimy green earth should have to wait three hours in a line to do anything.  Someone needs to be fired and hopefully GenCon runs more smoothly next year (there's a slight chance I might be able to attend).

Third, this youtube vlogger Jeremy Hambly from The Quartering gets assaulted by some SJW dude believing he was a Nazi and that alone seemed to give him the right to do so.  Jeremy is a fan of Magic the Gathering.  I've played MtG, and it's a lame reflection of actual roleplaying games, but hey, he's still a gamer and a human being.

Fourth, GenCon seems determined to hush up the attack by banning/blocking people on twitch who bring it up or talk about it on their channel.  And some jackass from The Nerdist (and many others, I presume) is happy the assault happened on social media.

What in the actual fuck is going on?

I remember the whole "punch a Nazi" thing after the Charleston protest over Confederate statues, memorials, and such.  The aftermath was increasingly polarized sides and anyone Alt-Right being deemed a Nazi, racist, fascist, etc.  And claiming someone was a Nazi became provocation to behave violently towards others of an opposing viewpoint.

Disagreement over politics should never devolve into physical harm to people.  So, I hope that Jeremy Hambly is alright, that GenCon addresses the incident instead of cowering from it like Matt Loter (who ran off with a bunch of Kickstarter money, I'm told).  And I sincerely hope this shit doesn't happen again anytime soon.

The Ctrl-Left doesn't get to feel self-righteous about fighting their ideological enemies in the streets.  That's some bullshit.  What's next... terrorist bombings?  That whole "punch a Nazi" meme, Antifa, and extreme politicization of the RPG hobby/industry has to stop now!


p.s. Despite this unfortunate business, Liberation of the Demon Slayer is still FREE for the next couple weeks!  If your adult filter is on, turn it off!

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