Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Justice for Jeremy!

You've probably seen text and/or videos I've posted about the man who was assaulted at GenCon this year, Jeremy Hambly aka The Quartering.

I've never met him.  In fact, I just started watching his YouTube channel when Jessica Price hit the fan about a month ago.  But he seems like a cool guy, maybe kind of an outspoken instigator at times and bit edgy, but a good dude, nonetheless.  He actually lives relatively nearby, too.  Maybe one day we'll grab a beer?

Here is the Go Fund Me that one of his supporters set up for him in order to cover legal fees and other expenses incurred because of the unwarranted "punch Nazis" SJW attack on his person when he was at a bar with friends after hours just a block or two away from the convention center.

There have been calls for political-motivated violence from the far-left since the attack, so my repeated mentioning of the situation was warranted. 

We really need to calm the fuck down, people, and realize that criticizing others, saying mean things, and having opposing view points does not make you Hitler, Satan (although in my case... perhaps), a member of the Nazi party, Trump, or the Boogie-Man.

Stay safe out there,


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