Saturday, September 22, 2018

She Said Yes!!!

Last week, I noticed a message from zazzle about a 50% off sale on their canvas prints. Canvas prints such as the Alpha Blue design I uploaded a couple months ago. 

The sale was ending at midnight, so I quickly ordered one - a big one (it's 36" x 48"), knowing that my wife definitely wouldn't approve and I might have to get rid of it.

No way!  That's basically what she said at first.  So, I resigned myself to giving it to a longtime friend and Alpha Blue player.  But just this morning, she said yes - that I could keep it as long as I put a blanket over it and turned the thing towards the wall when not in the game room.

So, the next time I run Alpha Blue at home, I'll be staring at that.  Nice!


p.s.  Next time there's a really good sale on zazzle, I'll send out a message on g+.  To make sure you see it, join the Kort'thalis Publishing g+ community... it's a real good time!

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