Monday, September 24, 2018

The Predator Kicks Ass

Don't have a lot of time for this review, but here goes nothing...

I think I've only seen 2 movies so far this year.  Solo and The Predator.  Comparatively, I enjoyed The Predator more than both Solo and The Last Jedi.  This new Predator movie also beat out Predator 2 and Predators... as well as, all the Alien vs. Predator movies.

In fact, 2018's Predator is almost better than the original.  Yeah, that feels sacrilegious to say (or type, rather) but is nonetheless true.

Why is it so good?  Why are critics hating on it?  Where are the big box office numbers? All excellent questions... that I'm not going to answer.

Well, I'll briefly tell you why I thought it was good - straight-up 80's action, humor (I literally laughed more than most comedies), character development, and special effects. 

Sure, I would have loved to see more practical effects than CGI.  And, yes, I'm always disappointed when a movie this awesome has everything except female nudity.  But regardless of those two things, The Predator had what I was looking for.

See it!  Because if Predator fans don't see this movie, they might not make a sequel, and that would be a real shame.


p.s. And if you think this has my juices flowing for some Alpha Blue treatment... you'd be right!

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