Friday, May 27, 2022

The Verdict


I read DriveThruRPG's email yesterday and the upshot is that The Good Syma'arian one-shot Cha'alt adventure won't be allowed back onto their virtual shelves without several changes. 

Specifically, the child endangerment portions.  While I fully understand, after all, it's written in their rules, taking that stuff out dilutes the message.  Yes, it's wrong to harm, let alone murder, babies and kids.  That's one of the reasons I wrote the scenario!

I have no doubt that publicly available material on DTRPG of the same kind (without the overt "anti-abortion" and "anti-woke" sentiments exist.  If The Good Syma'arian is banned, shouldn't those other products be reported and removed, as well?  Time will tell... 

Real world harm will always be greater and therefore a bigger threat than anything happening in a fantasy roleplaying game.  Fancy euphemisms like "reproductive justice" and "women's healthcare" don't really describe smashing a fetus' skull while still in the womb so the brain can be vacuumed into a hospital sink.

Just because you'd rather not think of the sordid deals doesn't mean it's not real.  It is real.  It happens everyday, and disproportionally to black and hispanic babies.  If you really think that black lives matter, instead of perpetuating lies that racist cops are gunning unarmed non-white folks down in the street everyday, maybe think twice before celebrating the "pro-choice" movement?

The moral and spiritual decay in this country, perhaps all over the world, can be seen daily on the news and in our social media feeds.  It's sickening and disheartening.  I don't think the answer is to throw up our hands while we lurch towards a materialist, atheist, globalist Utopia that will only result in (economic) slavery for the bottom 99%.

So, I told OneBookShelf that I will be keeping The Good Syma'arian private.  If you want it, the PDF is free (just like before).  Email me with your DriveThruRPG associated email address, which I prefer, (make sure you opt-in to my customer emails where I frequently send out sale codes).  Reach me at

Or, here's a link to the adventure on Google Drive if you'd really rather not go through DTRPG.  Your choice!



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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

While We Wait [Leftoids Mad]


I really thought we'd hear back from DriveThruRPG by now, regarding the status of The Good Syma'arian.  

Oh well, let's talk about other stuff (but first, read this based as fuck review) while we wait...

Looks like there's another OSR Jam happening on  The radical-left continues to sully our good name and exclude the best and brightest from their cringeworthy ranks.  I hope those slanderous crybullies get what they deserve.  They weren't too far off the mark with that "satanist christian" comment, but the rest is bullshit.

Speaking of Christianity, like many of you, I'm devastated by the TX school shooting that just happened (as we're still reeling from the horrific Buffalo, NY shooting).  Maybe it was a mistake taking Christianity out of the classroom and replacing it with progressivism, Marxism, moral relativism, along with bizarre gender ideology and sexual education in elementary and middle schools?  

The left says they don't want to ban books in schools, but the first book they banned was The Bible, a testament to western civilization.  Perhaps if we brought Christian values back into schools, we'd have less tragedies...

As for ditching the 2nd Amendment, I know the left would love a cultural revolution where Americans gave up all their guns and trusted the government, but look around.  The government is less trustworthy now than at any other time in recent memory.  

Greg Gillespie released a Kickstarter update on May 18th, where he says "devoid of woke nonsense".  A lot of leftoids got mad, either telling him off in the comments or canceling their pledge.  

Good for Greg!  He stood up to the woke, and so should we all.  When he releases this current project, I'll buy it just to spite them.

If you know of any other anti-woke, anti-leftist (who wants to organize that OSR Jam?) RPG news, please share it with me.  Now is the time to fight even harder, not back down!


p.s. Holy crap!  We're less than 2 months away from this July's VENGER CON.  Grab your ticket and enjoy the best old-school, OSR, and traditional gaming experience in decades.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

The Good Syma'arian Suspended


Venger's banned again?!?

As many of you already know, my recently released one-shot Cha'alt adventure, The Good Syma'arian, was just temporarily suspended last night for "potentially offensive content".  

I'm a target for the radical-left, the woke, and SJWs throughout the RPG hobby because of my outspoken, moderately conservative political leanings.  To me, and many others, they are the offensive ones.  They spit on our liberty while cry-bullying their way to positions of influence, always trying to secure more of what they crave most... power and control.

I don't want any retaliation or jumping up and down on DriveThruRPG while they review my scenario.  After all, they have their own protocols they need to follow.  

I am confident that The Good Syma'arian will be reinstated by next weekend.  Sure, we have to take a seat while the pro-abortion bundle of PDFs gets to sail by.  But that's the culture we live in, and it may take years before justice (not social justice, but actual justice) returns.

A lot of people have asked me to verify what DriveThruRPG said, so I took a picture.  You can read it for yourselves.  It's all there in black and white.  

When there's news, I'll post about it here on the blog and over on my YouTube channel - please subscribe!



p.s. In the meantime, why not buy some gorgeous hardcover Cha'alt books, and/or snag a ticket for this July's VENGER CON in Madison, WI. 

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Anti-Abortion FREE Cha'alt Adventure


Just this morning, I released a new PDF scenario for Cha'alt... my eldritch, gonzo, science-fantasy, post-apocalypse campaign setting.

Get it here!

The Good Syma'arian commemorates the striking down of Roe vs Wade.  Hey, bad precedent is bad precedent.  Not to mention, murder is wrong.  While I'm not an absolutist, I lean stronger on the pro-life side.

In any case, this is a good solid one-shot that uses our current year political and cultural issues as a springboard for adventure.  And it's FREE, so go download it and let me know what you think!

If you like The Good Syma'arian, then you'll really love the Cha'alt trilogy.  The gorgeous, signed and numbered, limited edition hardcover books are still available.



p.s. If you're looking for old-school gaming opportunities in or around Madison, WI this summer, we're sneaking up on VENGER CON!!!  Details and tickets available here.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Encounter Critical update


I haven't written much about Encounter Critical.  This blog post will serve a meal-delaying appetizer until the eagle is ready to sink his fangs into the main course.

I should have the gorgeous hardcover books for Cha'alt: Chartreuse Shadows by the end of June (tentacles crossed).  In July, I have VENGER CON to run (Kickstarting the additional 70 tickets in a day or two).

After the convention, my plan is to tackle Encounter Critical with another Kickstarter.  My first inclination was to go all-in on a new edition with fancy hardcover books.  Now, I'm thinking maybe start slow... come up with a 15-20 page PDF, test that out for several months and, if I'm going in the right direction, expand it.  If I decide to go another way, I'll create a new, but still short, PDF and see how that shakes out.

I'm really of several minds about the evolution of Encounter Critical.  Wanting to keep its flavor but also make it way more usable.  I'd like it to be standard OSR D&D compatible but also retain something of its mechanical weirdness.  I'd love to present it as an elaborate joke, prank, and awful parody... yet still be fully functional, not just played for laughs.  A game that veterans familiar with EC will love just as much as curious noobs intrigued by something different.  

Yeah, it's a tall order.  I have my work cut-out for me.  In the meantime, my mind is ever so slowly processing in the background.  Be patient...



p.s. More Cha'alt one-shots on Roll20, deep immersion, and Kort'thalis meta-sigil paintings on the way!