Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Conservative OSR & RPG Facebook Group


You know, a place for us... those who don't want to be bothered by politics BUT are not afraid to speak our minds when some political topic arises.  

In fact, I'm of the opinion that politics MUST be discussed if we're going to survive the radical-left takeover of RPGs.

I don't care what political views you have or share, but I will not allow the intolerance of the SJW woke mob to silence or drown out voices of normal, regular, ordinary folks who just want to game... not have to worry about politics.

Our hobby has been under siege for awhile now, the creation of this FB group is one small step in the fight to take back what's ours.  This is an act of preservation.  If you want to conserve our gaming culture, I invite you to join us.

This is the link right here!

If you have a question or suggestion, feel free to comment here or on the Conservative OSR & RPG Group.  



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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Perfect Outcome?


As you might have already heard, Luke Crane has been forced to resign over the stupidest weak-sauce bullshit you could imagine.

Similar to what's been happening to Governor Cuomo in NY, Cuomo should be getting his ass handed to him over killing all those elderly people in nursing homes and then trying to cover it up.  But instead, the left wants to beat him over the head for sexually crude comments and trying to kiss a secretary or two.

What can I say, the progressive, radical-left are fucking insane... and they're ruining this hobby.

Luke Crane got in trouble for having Adam Koebel as a contributor to his KS project when the real reason he should (or should not, depending on your view) be scrutinized is that Luke Crane was head of the RPG division of Kickstarter, creating conflict of interest red flags.

I, and many others, have discussed the Adam Koebel nothing burger until we're blue in the face.  From now on, EVERY SINGLE SESSION I RUN FOR THE REST OF THIS YEAR will include the pushing of a button to simulate at least one (probably multiple) non-consensual robot orgasm.  Jesus tentacled Christ, who the fuck cares?!?

Getting back on track, the social justice warriors seem to think this hobby is theirs, that "the community" is so important, so evolved, so much better than the OSR and regular gamers who don't want politics in their RPGs.  

Yes, the collective can be as seductive as an angry mob to certain people.  If you join, you get perks!  But don't be fooled.  It robs you of your identity (ironic when you think of identity politics), controls you, and eventually leads to the death of freedom.  Hello, cancelation! 

And to all the people who've said that either cancel culture doesn't exist or "it's just fine," let me remind you - ignoring the problem won't make it go away.  You guys are just as guilty of poisoning elf-games as those vilifying individuals just trying to live and make a living irrespective of the woke authoritarian regime.

Makes you wonder what would happen if Koebel, Crane, and the rest of the SJW gamers just refused to apologize, refused to recede into the shadows.  Can you be canceled if you don't let it happen?

Well, it worked for Gina Carano but didn't work for Zak (though, he's still blogging and putting content out there).  Both are talented, but the former seems like a sweetheart (confirmed by Bill Burr) while the latter... well, yeah.  He'll probably always be a hyper-argumentative asshole demanding his version of objective truth and unequivocal apologies.  

Anyway, goodbye to Luke Crane, a continued farewell to Adam Koebel, and adios to every other SJW who crosses the ever-encroaching and self-imposed line of what's "socially acceptable".  You guys are spineless, easily offended, back-stabbing, cry-bully collectivists.  Fuck all y'all!


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Friday, March 19, 2021

Psycho Goreman


The kids have off today, so I'm going to make this review short and sweet.

Aaron the Pedantic and I have been talking about science-fantasy and Krull in particular on our new podcast Gonzo Up Your Ass!

Well, if you take the awesome and epic worldbuilding of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror and put it on contemporary Earth, but make it funny - like badass demons getting interrupted by uppity children, then you have Psycho Goreman.

There are literally dozens of cool bits and pieces to steal from this and put it in your RPG or campaign setting of choice... D&D, Rifts, Cha'alt, Carcosa, LotFP, DCC, Arduin, etc.

Just like you can tell that Mork Borg was created by graphic designers, Psycho Goreman must have been created by special FX guys because there are more creature costumes than you can can count.  Every time you turn around, there's a weird, over-the-top, cringe on purpose which makes it ironically awesome humanoid (mostly) entity that reminds you of those silly sci-fi monsters from Power Rangers.  

But it's the unrelenting dark atmosphere mixed with the laughs that sets it apart and makes it seven-fold better than just another kid's show or movie.  The language reminds me of Prince of Nothing, his pleasingly overwrought and legendary way of speaking and naming things.  

Some of my favorite things... the look and sound of the "protagonist" Psycho Goreman, along with that glowing magenta/fuchsia magic stone, a different kind of laser-sword than I've ever seen before, the backstory of Psycho Goreman involving the planet Gigax (yes, pronounced like Gygax), the humorous board of directors that have an interest in seeing Psycho Goreman defeated, the cool deaths as PG dishes the pain on both pesky humans and alien demon creatures more like himself.

It's the kind of movie I'm glad I bought on blu-ray because I'll be seeing this many more times over the years.  The fact that I was able to watch this with my wife and two older girls was an unexpected bonus!

This movie gets my highest recommendation 5 out of 5 stars.  If you're at all into stuff like D&D while not taking yourself too seriously, watch it and prepare to re-watch soon after.  It's just that awesome.  If they don't make a sequel next year, I'm going to be really disappointed.


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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

A.I. Players for D&D


An interesting discussion broke out on Twitter yesterday.  

We were talking about the possibility of an artificial intelligence as DM.  But then a couple of us simultaneously wondered about an A.I. player.

So, I decided to simulate an A.I. player in D&D with a simple d20 table...

  1. "I attack."
  2. "I keep going."
  3. "I want to take a closer look at that."
  4. "I leave it alone."
  5. "I do NOT speak the Latin... same goes for any other weird, mystical, or ancient form of communication."
  6. "I'm ready to make a new character.  Ok, I'll say your damn words!"
  7. "I make conversation, trying to gather information."
  8. "I attempt to negotiate, intimidate, or seduce." [whichever gives me the best advantage]
  9. "I surrender."
  10. "I loot the body."
  11. "I run away."
  12. "I back away slowly."
  13. "I attempt to disarm the trap."
  14. "I move around or jump over the obstacle."
  15. "I eat, drink, and make merry."
  16. "I disbelieve."
  17. "I attempt to steal it."
  18. "I use the special thing (magic, high-tech, explosive device, etc.)."
  19. "I ask for healing."
  20. "I rest."
Perhaps, this would actually make a good list of options (not necessarily a random table) for noobs?  

I don't know, but share your thoughts with me.  I'd love to hear them.


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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Stimulating Cha'alt


Another round of stimulus checks, and another chance to buy the limited edition, signed, hardcovers of both Cha'alt and Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise.  

Kort'thalis Publishing is sure to garner at least a third of that 1.9 trillion dollars, right?

I bought back the 500 copies of Cha'alt that a friend helped me out with last year.  A good chunk of those were snatched up by Kickstarter backers, but I still have some left.

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