Friday, September 28, 2018

Roll20 Woke All Over Themselves

So, now Roll20 is dicking over gamers (their own customers, actually) because that's the woke thing to do. 

I mean, it just makes good business sense to shit on the people who support you, who make up your audience so that you can instead cater to a tiny but extremely vocal group of political extremists who want things done the SJW way.  Duh!

Personally, I think the CEO / co-founder / managing partner of Roll20, Nolan T. Jones, should step down from his position.  I don't think changing the reddit moderating staff is going to cut it.

Not just for banning that guy, but for being a racist piece of shit.  Apparently, white guys needn't apply regarding helping to promote or grow roleplaying games online.  I mean, it's similar to the Papa Johns thing, right? 

Thanks to Jeremy Hambly for the video and altering me to this unfortunate news. 


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