Tuesday, August 7, 2018

GenCon Dumpster Fire

When a man can assault someone at GenCon and then go about his business like nothing happened... as a gaming culture, I think we have to draw a line. 

The historically disenfranchised shouldn't have more rights than anyone else living in America.  If the roles had been reversed, you can safely bet all your money that GenCon would have responded swiftly and with zero tolerance.  As it was, Matt Loter was allowed to roam the convention halls like nothing ever happened. 

As I've said before, I'm not part of either the Alt-Right or Ctrl-Left.  I think Trump is a terrible President.  I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and plan on voting for Joe Biden in 2020.  I'm a political moderate and centrist who doesn't want either extreme strangling this great country.

First, some male feminist "nazi punching" antifa SJW gets away with assault and battery.  Then you have right-wing escalation.  Finally, domestic terrorist threats start happening more and more frequently until the United States looks like fucking Baghdad. 

Let's see the same accountability as if a female cosplayer was cat-called or transgendered person was told they couldn't use the restroom of their choice.  A GenCon attendee got sucker-punched just a few blocks from the convention center by a GenCon exhibitor! 

This is fucking news... and I really don't think ENworld or RPG.net care enough to cover or even discuss the matter.  So disappointing...


p.s. You have my support, Jeremy.  Stay strong, hoss.  Get Woke - Go Broke!

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