Monday, April 10, 2023

Cha'alt Zine Madness


As this video states, I'm encouraging everyone to make their own Cha'alt zine.  

To put my money where my mouth is, I'm giving every publisher (the individual who actually puts it out, maybe that's the editor-in-chief or publisher, self-publisher, creator, whatever) a $100 subsidy via paypal after they've put out their first issue.

Ok, stipulations follow...

  • The zine's content must be two-thirds Cha'alt related.
  • The zine must come in at least 22 pages (and if I were you, I wouldn't go over 50).
  • Venger Satanis (that's me) have to approve the title.
  • The zine implies a one-year "Cha'alt game jam" license which is subject to Venger Satanis' approval before it may be renewed.
  • Obviously, I'm not in favor of censorship or limiting creative freedom.  Nevertheless, I, Venger Satanis, have the right to disallow any content which goes against the values of Kort'thalis Publishing... mostly vile, illegal stuff you can imagine happening in the White House's basement (current administration) or Epstein Island... Epstein didn't kill himself.
  • The first issue must be available for a reasonable sum (or free) by the first day of VENGER CON, July 21st, 2023.  Convention details here!

Ok, I think that's about it.  While I can't guarantee anything above and beyond the subsidy offered, I will try to be your support system, encouraging you, submitting at least one contribution for inclusion in your Cha'alt zine, providing a sounding-board for your ideas, and perhaps some light editing.  

Your zine could be weird colored cardstock and stapled with hand-made collage art, a fancy prestige quality artsy zine, or something that's totally digital.  It's your zine, do it however you want.  And feel free to create outside the box.  Have a question on whether it's legit or qualifies for whatever reason?  Just ask.

Also, I will announce your Cha'alt zine on my blog and YouTube channel at least once.  Here's my contact email:

Feel free to comment below and we can bounce ideas around, brainstorm, etc.  Thanks!


p.s. I'm running a sale on Cha'alt hardcovers right over here.  Enjoy!  Hey, if I know you and you want to use your $100 subsidy a little early to off-set the cost of the Cha'alt trilogy, just ask.


  1. Wow! Im looking forward to seeing what Cha'alt fans come up with for this!

    Its fun seeing other peoples vision/perspective of playing in a world that you like too!

    Im sure it will spawn new ideas for you too V

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  3. "Accelerate to attack speed. All wings report in."👍🏻
    Just to be clear, is this part and parcel of Game Jam 2 or a separate initiative? I'd love to do a printed zine but it might not see final production by the July date. DriveThru also doesn't do saddlestitch print on demand, so it would be a limited print run, but that's cool with me.
    I do like brainstorming. And turtles. But mostly brainstorming.

    1. This is actually separate from the Cha'alt game jam.

      You sure DriveThruRPG doesn't do saddle-stitch? If not, I'm sure someplace does... or you could use normal pod, even PDF would be fine. If you start soon, you could get the first issue out by July 21st.

  4. Yeah they stopped that format a while ago. I've been using a nice domestic (in the good ol' USA) printer that does a bang up job. My first one was about 80 pages, which is insane for a stapled little book. Holds up well though.
    I'll aim high for a zine and a Jam pdf if I can swing it. I also had the idea of offering the previous one and a new one as printed versions (along with pdfs) if that works. That would have to go the crowdfunding route.
    There's also your previous idea of having some kind of ongoing publication, maybe mostly Cha'alt themed but with an eye on other OSR works and tips for old schoolers, like implementing "The Rule of Cool." And comics. Gotta have comics.

    1. You could combine the game jam scenario with the Cha'alt zine. And you could include a decent amount of OSR neutral content.