Thursday, April 27, 2023

Project Badass


We know where to find the 800lb gorilla of RPG retailers... especially when it comes to PDFs.

What I'd like to do is help out the little guys, the independents, the smaller platforms who need traffic to merely stay alive.

Next month, I'm releasing a badass fucking Cha'alt adventure to Big Geek Emporium, Giant Slayer Games (coming online in a couple weeks), Red Room, and any other RPG webstore that wants it.  This PDF adventure will be both FREE and unavailable to larger retailers. 

I'm hoping this gives such little known places a boost, and I hope that other content creators will join with me and create their own PDF exclusively for platforms trying to survive in an algorithmic ecosystem that's doomed to failure unless gamers can come together and support them.

If you're such a PDF platform retailer specializing in RPGs, let me know and I'll include you in this (and other) blog posts, as well as, upload the digital files when the Cha'alt adventure is complete (around May 15th).

Content creators and indie PDF platforms who want to be part of the solution should contact me so we can join up and be badass together in getting this project off the ground. I can't do all of this by myself, and shouldn't have to.  Who's with me?


Thank you for your participation, hoss. Keep tabs on Venger's old school gaming blog for additional details and announcements!


p.s.  Yep, I've got an OSR convention coming up in July.  Join me in Madison, WI for VENGER CON II: Electric Boogaloo!!!  Additionally, I still have hardcover Cha'alt books (signed, numbered, and personalized by me)... get them here.


  1. ".. and my AXE." I mean, count me in too. I also contributed to a pdf that's free as well that could be brought over to one or more of those. I'll ask the main creator/publisher if he wants to lend a helping hand.

    1. Awesome! Thanks, hoss. The renaissance is now...

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