Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Advanced Game Mastering


Have you ever seen a cover that hideous?  Yeah, it's intentionally awful... I think.  Maybe unconsciously loathsome or parenthetically obscene?  

It's like artwork for an early 90s unlicensed video game tie-in with a badly remembered toy line that jumped the cyber-shark a long, long time ago... or what Toma diarrhea looks like on Cha'alt.  Or title sequence for You Can't Fuck That On Television.  Lol

Grab yourself the Advanced Game Mastering Like A Fucking Boss PDF right now!

Hopefully it kicks ass!  I think there's enough awesome stuff in there to make it worthwhile.  It's 111 pages (the interior looks beautiful, BTW) with an introductory mini-adventure at the back and d100 random table specifically designed for both those attending and not able to attend VENGER CON in Madison, WI during the month of July (the only month in Wisconsin that we're guaranteed warm weather... by law).

The Kickstarter went well, and backers have theirs.  For those curious, I did have to let DriveThru vet the manuscript before uploading it.  I was surprised that nothing needed to be altered or removed.  I did self-censor one paragraph that was disjoined and more of a political rant than anything else before it ever got to DriveThru.  So, yeah... perhaps I've mellowed in my old age?

It's only $10.  You be the judge...

While I've got you here, I plan on launching a Kickstarter to pay for the Cha'alt webcomic I've been doing with Jae Tanaka around May 1st.  And if there's money left over, it will go towards the Cha'alt zine subsidy and perhaps multiple webcomics (you'll have to wait for the KS to read more about that).

One of these days, there's going to be a Cha'alt movie... or at the very least, an off-off-Broadway play of horny cat-people with tentacles scrounging for weird-tech in the desert wasteland of S'kbah.


p.s. Hell yes, I have gorgeous Cha'alt trilogy hardcovers.  Step right up, hoss!


  1. This is a real comment / discussion someone left on the DriveThruRPG product page...

    "Ugh I start to read this book and 7 pages in the author is complaining about feminism and the "off-the-charts" level of misandry in our culture. I guess people can think whatever they want to think but the axe-grinding has nothing to do with the article its attached to, and nothing to do with GMing like any sort of boss."


  2. You have to read that and hear, "🎵Looks like we MADE iiiit.." in your head. To be loathed by the loathsome is to be loved. Maybe they'll buy up some Cha'alt hardcovers for their next bookburning rally..

  3. Is there a timeline for PoD version? I'd like to put it on the shelf next to its predecessor.

    1. Good question! As of right now, I want to include this at the end of Cha'alt book 4 (coming next summer at VENGER CON). If that changes, I'll consider pod and make an announcement.

  4. A Cha'alt movie huh? 🤔 Id watch that!

    You know I keep wishing someone will do something on par with the Heavy Metal movie but with modern animation.

    And while on the subject, how bout a sci-fi epic on par with the original Star Wars trilogy?

    Maybe a Cha'alt movie could be both lol!

    It may be too much to ask, but I will keep on dreaming 😎

    1. Keep dreaming, keep believing, hoss! Cha'alt could be the next Heavy Metal movie... 2031? Let's get that trending on Twitter!