Thursday, April 6, 2023

Eldritch Power


This Cha'alt Game Jam product has a new back page, which I'm featuring here because it's both awesome and hilarious!

Here is his Cha'alt scenario, Vault of Cha'alt #1.

BTW, I'm planning to launch Cha'alt Game Jam II: The Wrath of Contributions (thanks for the title suggestion, Mr. Jones).  But don't worry, you still have lots of time.  That won't officially start until June 1st, and will continue until VENGER CON, July 21st.  

But start coming up with ideas now so you're not pressed for time.  Also, feel free to run anything you want by me.  I'm a good sounding board, and occasionally make halfway decent suggestions.  ;)

As long as I'm linking, this is where you can find all the Cha'alt Game Jam products.



p.s. Cha'alt hardcovers for sale!  This fantastic sale price won't last forever, hoss. Do yourself a favor and order now.


  1. Thanks for the high marks! But I think you pasted the same link twice. This was your post with all the Cha'alt Jam entries:
    I will be sure to throw my conical hat into the ring (of fire) again.

    1. Oops, you're right. I'll fix that tomorrow. Thanks, hoss!