Saturday, June 6, 2020

Post-Credits Scene

So, I've been re-watching a lot of great stuff during my forced time at home (lockdown), as well as staying the fuck away from major cities during the rioting, looting, arson, and murder-fest that's been going on.

One of those re-watches has been Community.  Another, incidentally, is Rick and Morty.  Just the other day, something hit me like a ton of Antifa lobbed bricks!  The Dan Harmon post-credit scene that either ties up a loose end or just some funny throw-away bit that caps off the episode.

That made me wonder... how many GMs go back to the well, mining that after-the-denouement gold seemingly just beyond reach?

To my recollection, I've never knowingly done that (planned it out before the session began).  However, I'm sure that either I or a player mentioned something after the session was pretty much over and it got discussed.  And through that discussion, a kind of roleplaying happened.

But in the near future, whenever I start gaming again (face-to-face is my preference), I'm going to consciously initiate a post-credits scene.  During the session, I'll casually look for characters and situations ripe for loose-end tying.

Anyways, just wanted your take.  Leave me a comment!


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p.p.s. Is our 2020 the darkest timeline?

p.p.p.s. I just realized this blog post is #666.  Shemhamforash!


  1. As a DM, I end things with a bang. No questions, only survivors.

    As a player, I once had to pray to a Fading Suns Gargoyle to make sure the party had prevented it from falling into the wrong hands. That DM got the message & started clearing up lose ends after that.

    1. It's not the surviving PCs that have questions, but the petty gods watching over everything.