Tuesday, June 23, 2020

BLM Trojan Horse

Today, I'm interrupting the adventure writing workshop for a different kind of blog post...

If you're interested in RPGs and pay attention to social media (or watch the news), you'll have heard of Black Lives Matter [BLM].  I've seen several individual gamers, game companies, and gaming conventions come out in support of BLM and the BLM movement.

Seems straight forward enough, black lives matter just as much as white, brown, and green lives.  All lives matter, which is a phrase that has become in itself racist thanks to the radical left.

However, BLM isn't just about recognizing the importance of African-Americans or black people all over the world.  Really, it's a political ideology that goes way further than civil rights, democracy, or Joe Biden.

Foremost, BLM is about tearing down the supposedly racist systems of America until there is no America and replacing it with Marxism.

Here is the BLM wikipedia page.  Scroll down a bit to see their platform and demands.

If you support BLM, be aware that you're aligning yourself with BLM advocates and protesters... some of whom are rioters, looters, vandals, those destroying property and tearing down historical statues and Christian churches, violence against people of all colors, and domestic terrorists.

Reparations, releasing criminals serving time in prison, terrorism against Israel, etc.  But you'll have to talk to a BLM representative in order to get to the real Socialist/Communist agenda of Karl Marx.

This next video really shatters the facade of BLM.  I feel sorry for those who've suffered and lost their lives due to racism and unnecessary police brutality.  It is not systemic, but isolated incidents. If you're throwing in with BLM, don't be surprised when the black box is opened at the end of the episode.

Thanks for reading and watching.  Stay safe out there!



p.s. If you're unfamiliar with the evils of Marxism, Socialism, and Communism, do a little research.  If you think those ideologies are harmless or that the end justifies the means, you've no idea the horrors those political philosophies have inflicted upon humanity.


  1. It is the indignities and sub-human living in Communist nations whe you were promised a "worker's paradise" earlier. North Korean radios are fused to only one station. You had to get a licence in Romania to own a typewriter! And my Cuban friend told me that, when the Americans landed on the Moon, the Cuban people were not even told. Imagine! The greatest human achievement of our time was censored because it was the "wrong political slant". Petty! Inhumanly insane!

  2. The perfect storm of the "Long March Through the Institutions" and the "Useful Idiots" has occurred in America. Add in the frustration over the current President and the compounded helplessness of Covid-19 and well now the Witch's Brew for revolution is bubbling along.

    A responsible media speaking to an educated public could head all of this off at the gate, but the oligarchy has made sure neither of those things happened.

    The ironical part is that they think, much like those who supported the French Revolutionaries, and the Bolsheviks, that they will some hoe come out on top when the dust settles. They won't, they will just end up headless along with all the "Wrong Thinkers" when this red wave washes over them.

    Sorry to predict doom-and-gloom, but this has been building for more than 50 years and the rotten fruit of it is starting fall from the tree of liberty. The Founding Fathers warned you, warned you all, but when Kennedy took a bullet, the overthrow of America began.

    Please stay safe everyone.