Thursday, June 18, 2020

Welcome To My Process (part 1)

Ok, we have lots to get to today.  Let's get started.  Before we begin, however, I'll link to yesterday's post.

At this stage in my RPG career (at any stage, really), it's really important to work on stuff that gets me excited.  If the project ahead, thinking about it, crafting it, visualizing it sitting on virtual shelves, being read by GMs, and field-tested by players... if that doesn't get my juices flowing, then why bother?  Simply wait until inspiration leads me (or you) to something that gives you that feeling!

So, what's got me excited?  I came up with a title.  Actually, I came up with a few variations.  After a couple days of tumbling it around my mind, I think I've stumbled upon the right one - Slime Green Concubines of the Blood-Splattered Queen.

Next, I like to have a reason why creating this is necessary.  Obviously, the world will keep on spinning if I don't write another word.  Not that kind of need.  But rather, what niche will this fill?

One of my personal favorites (aside from Cha'alt and Alpha Blue) is a little known scenario called Dead God Excavation.  That was written during my deconstructionist phase.  It doesn't really have a satisfactory ending (according to some).  In fact, I accidentally stumbled upon this open play-by-email group that was going through Dead God Excavation.  At the end, the GM apologizes to the players because he didn't read through the entire 13 pages and discovered to his horror that Dead God Excavation doesn't have a conclusion.

The PCs happen upon the excavation of this Old One tomb, they eventually enter, explore, stuff happens, and that's it. 

Well, a few people have wondered aloud what might happen at the end, if I had kept going.  So, Slime Green Concubines of the Blood-Spattered Queen will rectify that.  It'll be an unofficial sequel or last chapter to the Dead God Excavation, but could also be used on its own.  Since, after all, it's my attempt to codify the 9-room dungeon.

And since my type of fantasy is eldritch, gonzo, science-fantasy, and post-apocalyptic... Slime Green Concubines of the Blood-Spattered Queen could easily fit in Cha'alt, as well.

Alright, in a day or two I'll post part 2 of this series.  Stay tuned!  Thoughts so far?



  1. Off to a good start!
    And I definitely will be adding Dead God Excavation to my future Cha’alt adventures.

    1. The softcover on Amazon contains bonus content. Buy the print and you get the PDF for free. Just ask.