Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Is This The End?

Well, is this the end?  Short answer - no, of course not.

But it sure does look like shit has gone crazy!  What the actual fuck is happening?  Is 2020 the worst year we've had this century, maybe in the last 50 years?  Quite possibly.

For those looking for my thoughts on the matter at hand, watch the video below.  I pretty much agree with everything Ben Shapiro said.

Now, more than ever, it's important to escape from the everyday gloom and doom.  That's what RPGs are for - pretending you're an elf wizard, half-orc barbarian, or human thief exploring the places no sane man has any right to be.  Without D&D (and similar RPGs), we'd have even less.

On that note, my stock of Cha'alt hardcovers is dwindling.  If you want yours before the follow-up, Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise, comes out, now's your chance!  Details over here.

Stay safe out there, hoss.  That comes direct from the Duke of the OSR!

I actually had some gaming content to put up on the old blog, but the state of the world (ok, mostly just America) is too fucked up for that right now.  You'll see it in a couple days.



  1. I listened to the first few minutes. My problem with Shapiro is that he doesn't understand his ideological opponents, he just dismisses them. Such as saying America isn't systemically racist. If he REALLY understood the argument, there's no debate as to whether or not that's true, it's just a matter of how much and what influence that has.

    Secondly, he doesn't seem to give any ground when he clearly should. "You caused the authoritarian response" doesn't excuse the countless examples of ACTUAL peaceful protesters being brutalized right now.

    He doesn't have nuance. Also, he's short, whiny, and talks too fast.

    1. Shapiro is a little short on context and patience in this episode. But I think all his points are valid. What Floyd and others have suffered was terrible, but now a thousand more are suffering because of reckless, lawless rioters and looters.

  2. Well yes there IS a debate on whether it's true! "Systemic racism" is taken to mean, "I can't prove how a workplace gets 'deficient' in Blacks, but there MUST be sinister reasons even though I have no proof." Let's deconstruct it more. After all, the Wage Gap was false because women collectively worked fewer hours than men, they wanted work-life balance and wanted other pansy factors like that in their jobs, no risk, no travel, no work outdoors or in dangerous conditions, so OF COURSE they earned less! Shapiro is probably not the best prophet, but who is? In fact the opposition will listen to NOBODY. In fact they tried to cancel Daniel Patrick Moynihan for releasing a study in 1965 showing that 25% of Black American kids are born out of wedlock. How they bayed for his blood! But now the figure is 75%+.