Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Something To Do

They say a person needs three things in order to be happy... something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for.  I believe there's a hidden fourth need, as well.  Something to struggle against.

But that's for another time.  This blog post is about the first need - something to do.

I'm currently waiting on various stages of layout for Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise.  The book has been more or less finished for about a month.  The last few weeks were fine-tuning, revising, making small improvements, etc.

Deep inside my creative core, I've been pacing back and forth like a caged tiger... unsettled, anxious.  Today, I realized, it was time to get back to work.

My wife won't like the fact that I'm continuing to "waste time" on frivolities.  However, she'll enjoy a more positive, upbeat me.  :)

I have an idea for a small "dungeon".  It's sort of based on the 5-room dungeon concept, but I want a little more room to work with (pun intended).  At first, I thought 7 was the ticket... now, I'm leaning towards 9.  Yes, I'm certain that 9 is key!

So, if the first 5 are... Entrance, Puzzle, Setback, Boss Fight, and Reward... what about the other 4.

Here's what I'm thinking... 1 room should be empty but flavorful.  1 room should be mysterious.  Perhaps 1 should be a trap or hazard of some kind.  What about the 9th (I'm not listing these in order, by the way)?

Ah yes, there needs to be a room with social interaction.  You know, good old roleplaying!

Ok, I have my 9.  Time to get to work.

I asked if people were interested in reading blog posts about my process... turns out you were!  Start with Part One.  And now there's Part Two.  Here's Part Three.  Speeding right along with Part Four. And finally, Part Five.



p.s. Almost forgot, I do have a few more Cha'alt books to sell.  Ordering details here!


  1. I would be interested in your creative process, yes.

  2. Also?
    T = Trap
    I = Introspection

    1. Tell me more about introspection.

    2. Self examination and reflection leading to a positive outcome. Like a reward to yourself.
      Allowing bad thoughts in while reflecting leads to a negative outcome. Perhaps a ‘mental trap’.
      Maybe a ‘room of reflection’ with an outcome that could go either way.

    3. I'll consider it. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Yes, but not if blogging about being creative sucks time away from creating cool stuff.

    1. I had thought of that, and appreciate you looking out for the bigger picture, hoss! Putting my thoughts on paper should only help my own creative process, so not to worry. ;)

  4. L-Lounge rest, heal, plot, plan.

    Great idea you have here.

    1. Thanks! I just hope the end result is amazing, and this advice is helpful to gamers writing their own scenarios.

  5. That's still the 5 Room Dungeon concept. You can have way more than 5 rooms but those 5 rooms are the staple. Each of the extra rooms you add still fall under one of the 5 rooms.
    Empty and Mysterious could be considered "Puzzle" or "Setback" because more than likely the players may think it looks empty so there is something going on here. Trap would obviously be "Setback" that leads into the Boss fight. The social one could be part of the boss fight, yeah it can happen in the same room but still a different encounter.
    You can even have less rooms as long as you cover all 5 ideals. In fact there is an example for a single room 5 room dungeon somewhere linked to the creator of the 5 room dungeon concept.

    1. Hmm, interesting concept. I suppose you could make each category big or vague enough to fit almost anything.