Thursday, August 9, 2018

More Cha'alt on Roll20

I've since GMed two more sessions of 5e D&D on Roll20. 

This is my Cha'alt campaign which is slowly and organically (which is how I like it) taking shape. 

The first session was mostly about exploring the caves and tunnels beneath the desert wasteland.  The second started right at the entrance (one of the many entrances) to the Black Pyramid of Cha'alt.

I had a lot of peripheral information, such as brainstorm notes and odd bits/pieces on my phone.  Sadly, my phone was viciously dropped onto the wood floor by our 21 month old.  I lost all my contacts and text conversations where those notes were stored.  Luckily, I had transferred most of the good stuff into a word doc before the phone's destruction.

When online, a big group is like 5 or 6 players.  For me, a big group face-to-face is double that.  There's a lot of herding cats going on.  These sessions only being about 90 minutes long, I had to prompt them and move things along at regular intervals.  Not a problem if you know what's required and don't mind putting some stick about...

"Oh, you want to hang out by the pyramid's entrance (and waste 10 precious minutes looking for stalagmites that could be used as a door-jam or teaching the party's wizard how to make a trap with no supplies)?  Well, those hungry cannibals are closing in on you."

The second playtest featured factions.  Well... it was going to feature them.  The PCs kind of just started attacking the first big group they came across.  It ended in 3 NPCs being knocked unconscious and half the PCs getting fairly hurt, but no one died.  Disappointing, considering I spent a couple hours preparing for lots of interaction, but sometimes that's how D&D goes.

Maybe the next group will want to talk to everybody, you never can tell.  It's always different, which is part of the fun. 

I'll keep doing these weekly sessions as long as possible.  The next 4 hour face-to-face game will be a week from tomorrow.  Looking forward to it!


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