Monday, August 6, 2018

The Other N-Word

I'll be brief.

Throwing the word "Nazi" around has become rather fashionable these days.  And that's bad for a variety of reasons...

1)  It's inaccurate.  The Alt-Right, if that's what we're calling that huge swath of people from present-day conservatives to Trump supporters to counter-cultural independent thinkers to anti-left/SJWs to white nationalists, are not equivalent to the German war machine in World War II.  When you describe someone with alternative views a Nazi - same goes for calling people fascists - you devalue what real Nazis did in the 1940's.  Pretty soon, actual Nazis may start to look like the good guys because of our twisting and turning linguistics.  We don't want that.

2)  It's dehumanizing.  Calling someone a Nazi immediately paints them as the enemy, the other, non-human, unworthy as the same rights as the rest of us.  Before you call someone a "Nazi," think about how that would sound coming out of your mouth if you called that person a "n@gger."  Because, to me, they're both not ok to casually throw around.

3)  Eventually, we're going to have to come together, find some sort of middle ground, and make peace.  The polarization and politicization of everything and everyone in this country - maybe this world - is frightening to behold.  We should all take a step back and look at ourselves, look at what kind of country - or world - we want to live in

That's all I'm going to say for now. 


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