Wednesday, May 25, 2022

While We Wait [Leftoids Mad]


I really thought we'd hear back from DriveThruRPG by now, regarding the status of The Good Syma'arian.  

Oh well, let's talk about other stuff (but first, read this based as fuck review) while we wait...

Looks like there's another OSR Jam happening on  The radical-left continues to sully our good name and exclude the best and brightest from their cringeworthy ranks.  I hope those slanderous crybullies get what they deserve.  They weren't too far off the mark with that "satanist christian" comment, but the rest is bullshit.

Speaking of Christianity, like many of you, I'm devastated by the TX school shooting that just happened (as we're still reeling from the horrific Buffalo, NY shooting).  Maybe it was a mistake taking Christianity out of the classroom and replacing it with progressivism, Marxism, moral relativism, along with bizarre gender ideology and sexual education in elementary and middle schools?  

The left says they don't want to ban books in schools, but the first book they banned was The Bible, a testament to western civilization.  Perhaps if we brought Christian values back into schools, we'd have less tragedies...

As for ditching the 2nd Amendment, I know the left would love a cultural revolution where Americans gave up all their guns and trusted the government, but look around.  The government is less trustworthy now than at any other time in recent memory.  

Greg Gillespie released a Kickstarter update on May 18th, where he says "devoid of woke nonsense".  A lot of leftoids got mad, either telling him off in the comments or canceling their pledge.  

Good for Greg!  He stood up to the woke, and so should we all.  When he releases this current project, I'll buy it just to spite them.

If you know of any other anti-woke, anti-leftist (who wants to organize that OSR Jam?) RPG news, please share it with me.  Now is the time to fight even harder, not back down!


p.s. Holy crap!  We're less than 2 months away from this July's VENGER CON.  Grab your ticket and enjoy the best old-school, OSR, and traditional gaming experience in decades.


  1. will never give up guns, regardless of how many children the Left murders.

  2. I didn't knew that Greg Gillespie disliked wokeism. Really really good. I'm buying his new project with even more enthusiasm.

  3. I do dislike wokism, but I’m not anti-left. This article is too generalizable. Yes, the woke are silly and misguided and easily resort to name-calling. I don’t appreciate being discussed in the same context as school shootings. That isn’t right.

    1. If I blogged more often than once a week, I'd have separated the content. Not enough hours in the day...

      As for anti-left, it might help to define our terms. I'm ok with classical liberals and moderate Democrats. What I'm pushing back against is the radical-left or woke.

  4. All over the media, the Democrats and news media are shouting "Do something!" What do they expect people or even policy and law makers to do? Repeal the 2nd Amendment?

    They want us to do something, well, I proposed an option. Non-denominational and unorganized Judeo-Christian values in public schools could lessen violence like school shootings. If anyone has a better idea, please share it with us.

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