Monday, December 24, 2018

Live Together or Die Alone

Wasn't that Jack Shepard's mantra on the first season of Lost?

As much as I'd love to blindly follow a string of public shaming and identity politics by someone who's previously disavowed my RPG clique of choice, (Stacy Dellorfano's boycott of GaryCon posts one and two), I just can't bring myself to continually ruin someone's life because of their relatively mild past mistakes.

After all, it's not like Bill Webb threatened to kill someone while repeatedly sucker-punching them at a bar outside the convention center.  Yeah, that's right.  Some of us still remember the GenCon assault on Jeremy Hambly ( of The Quartering and Unsleaved Meda fame), and what little GenCon did to remedy that awful situation - GenCon fucking banned Jeremy Hambly!?!

Regardless, the people surrounding that PaizoCon incident want to put it behind them.  I haven't heard of additional bad behavior from Bill Webb.  However, Stacy Dellorfano joined in the harassment of myself on social media just a couple months ago after I rejoined Facebook.  Also, they and their SJW cohorts have repeatedly called the OSR toxic, full of awful white males who have nothing better to do than harass, sexually or otherwise, everyone who's the least bit different.

Of course that's bullshit.  Take it from me, as a recently identified person of color (green is beautiful, green is za'akier), it's not the fault of white people... or humans, for that matter.  Nothing will every be perfect.  A group will never be ideologically pure.  Not everybody can be saved from the slightest hint of social injustice.  And trying to over-correct nature's chaotic balance will surely throw shit out of wack (case in point, the domestic terrorist group Antifa).

I wished I could go to GaryCon this Spring - before this mess started.  Now, I wish I could be there even more.  Alas, the twins will be two and a half, and I love my wife too much to let her deal with them and our three older children all weekend by herself (even with parents helping, it's a lot of work).  But by 2020, there's a distinct possibility!

So, boycott away, Ctrl-Left assholes!  The OSR will be just fine without you.  BTW, we'll be talking about this topic and a whole lot more during the next installment of our RPG talk-show Inappropriate Characters.



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