Friday, December 21, 2018

Banned (again) From RPG.NET

So, here's a funny thing... I was logging onto in order to promote my latest Alpha Blue scenario THOT Audit, and discovered that I was banned.

The first time I was banned (back in 2005, I recall) was for cursing someone within the forum - I performed a magic ritual to destroy those who continually mouthed off.  I don't want to get into too much detail.

But now, this time?  To my knowledge, I haven't said or done anything recently on to warrant any kind of moderation, let alone a permanent ban.  But of course, I've done plenty outside that forum, haven't I?

Yes, I've spoken out regarding's anti-Trump enforcement.  My identification as trans-human (za'akier) which some took as a joke or insult to the LBGTQZ+ community.  Pushing back against the far-left for trying to control and police games, gamers, and gaming communities into the ground.

For these crimes perpetrated outside the purple walls of, I've been banned.  Where else will I not be allowed to exist online?  What other internet group shall attempt to take my voice away?  Is there a movement, now or in the future, that can subvert my inhuman will?

Come find me...


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