Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A Christmas Miracle

Do you believe in unlikelihoods? 

After explaining the GaryCon situation to my loving wife, she found a way for me to attend GaryCon this March.  I won't be there for the entire weekend, but I'll be there... with tentacles!

And of course, I'll be running games (just got my events approved) and carrying around a few Kort'thalis Publishing titles for anyone who wants to acquire them at "friend prices."

Well, I just got what I really wanted for Christmas this year.  Hope you guys can say the same!

Oh and one last thing... lets do our part (the OSR and every other type of gamer out there) to make GaryCon XI the best, friendliest, accepting, tolerant, respectful, and awesome RPG convention ever! 

Fun is the priority and the most fun will be had when we realize we're all in this together.  However, forging a community has to be done the right way.  Bullying, boycotting, harassing, threatening, terrorizing, and making people feel guilty isn't the way forward.

Love and green slime from your za'akier brother behind the screen,


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