Friday, December 21, 2018

THOT Audit

For many, the phrase "THOT audit" is clear.  Up until a month ago, I didn't know what the Hell that meant.

THOT stands for That Ho Over There (not very flattering, I know, but that's the internet for you).  And it seems that many women exploiting themselves for money online weren't claiming that money on their taxes.  Such is the way of things.

However, some men have reported various women to the IRS... and a few have been audited.  I assume many more in the gray area of sex-work believe they might be next.  Hence THOT audit.

Being the cheeky bastard and headline-ripper that I am, I... commissioned Zoltar Khan Delgado to author a spanking-new Alpha Blue scenario called THOT Audit.  Get your Pay What You Want PDF right over here!!!

It's a one-shot "space dungeon" aboard a cargo freighter filled with aliens, droids, sex, drugs, strangeness, and random tables.



p.s. David Guyll (check out the man's blog) joins the Kort'thalis Publishing team!  He did the wondrous layout and cartography for THOT Audit.  Expect many more fabulous adventures from him and I quite soon...

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