Monday, December 17, 2018

One-Page Adventure!

We're all familiar with the one-page dungeon concept, right?

It's a dungeon with notes on the side.  Everything is self-contained on that single page.  It's all right there.  Only the minimum of detail will suffice - the rest is up to the GM.

But what about a one-page adventure that focuses on stuff like rumors, NPCs to interact with, factions, story elements, and places to visit, along with a wandering encounter table you might find in both iterations of the one-pager?

What kinds of things would you want to see on this one-page adventure?  What would be most useful to you?

Is that something you guys would be interested in using?  Could this be an under-developed sub-niche for those of us with big ideas and small amounts of time to write, playtest, and self-publish? 

Side benefit - it should be less expensive to produce!

I want to hear your thoughts, so please give me feedback in a comment below!


p.s. First image is from this blog here.  Second image is from a Patreon account right over there.

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