Thursday, March 21, 2013

Crawling Emissary of Yogsoggoth

The most forbidding dungeons and terrifying reaches of the Nether-Realms harbor creatures which the average adventurer has never seen.  One such abomination is the Crawling Emissary of Yogsoggoth, a thing chiefly composed of eyes and tentacles.  However, one human survivor claimed it had a face... though he admits it's entirely possible the Emissary was merely feasting upon the head of a fresh victim when his party of adventurers unknowingly stumbled upon it.

The wisest of sages know that Crawling Emissaries of Yogsoggoth were created as a servitor race aeons ago by the pallid masked Devil-God and key to boundless, unspeakable chaos known as Yogsoggoth - a warped reflection of the renowned Yog-sothoth.  Emissaries were often used to guard powerful magic items from unwanted hands.  Most have been slain in the centuries following their creation, yet a few linger on... protecting the black artifacts and elder relics of the Old Ones.

A Crawling Emissary of Yogsoggoth is not easy to behold.  It has the taint of primordial darkness, as does all things Yogsoggothian.  A Crawling Emissary moves slowly upon its mass of writhing, pustule ridden tentacles, leaving a trail of translucent watery-green goo in its wake.  As it crawls, one can hear it whispering dark susurrations as a hundred red veined, milky white orbs glare in all directions at once.

Unsuspecting adventurers may believe the Emissary is trying to communicate.  Alas no, its hushed tones are merely a distraction until the thing is able to reach humanoids with all of its tentacles.

Crawling Emissary of Yogsoggoth

Hit Dice:  13
Hit Points:  78
AC:  18
Attack Bonus:  +8
# of Attacks: Variable; roll 2d4 each round (tentacles)
Damage:  2d8

Special Attack:  If the Dungeon Master rolls a natural "20", the Emissary successfully performs a neck-snap; a tentacle is wrapped around the PC's head before a wild jerking motion is applied.  33% chance of paralysis from the neck down, 67% chance the PC dies.

Special Defense:  Can only be harmed by magical weapons.  Those in melee combat with an Emissary who roll a "1" slip on its slime trail, falling to the ground.  Due to its unnatural aura of fear, PCs have a -4 to any combat maneuver attempted other than an ordinary attack.

Treasure:  The DM should work this out ahead of time.  As stated, a Crawling Emissary of Yogsoggoth frequently guards a very powerful magic item.

My thanks goes out to Josha Petronis-Akins for his initial idea: the Crawling Emissary of Vecna.

I hope everyone enjoys this Lovecraftian home-brewed monster.  If you use it in your game, please let me know.  Also, feel free to comment below with your thoughts on this and what you'd like to see in future posts!



  1. Honestly, I liked my original design better: a giant crawling hand. Still, great work!


  2. I'm saving the crawling hand (regular size) for another post...