Thursday, March 28, 2013

Challenge of the Dungeon Masters #1

Inspired by what I saw at the Iron GM website, I decided to post this challenge to those Dungeon Masters who believe themselves capable.  However, I wanted to go a bit further.  Instead of a word or short phrase - why not an entire paragraph?  To wit: incorporate all three the following disparate elements into your next fantasy roleplaying adventure.  Exactly how you do this is, of course, entirely up to the individual.

1)  A slender, male Drow wearing violet robes decorated with an arachnid motif.  The Dark Elf is named Rentham, and he is in exile for blasphemously surmising that Lloth isn't so much a Goddess as merely the Demon-Queen of Spiders.  Exalted... yet not exactly divine.  Rentham, for all the suffering his race has called, is actually a likable fellow, as well as, being extremely intelligent, wise, and full of chock-full of Drow culture, conventions, and eldritch lore in the city of S'poztria (which means "black dream" in their tongue).

Rentham has no love for many of the Drow responsible for his exile; however, he won't give information which would ruin S'poztria.  Specifically, he knows of a sacred vault dedicated to Lloth containing many items worth stealing.

2)  An ice cavern where everything within is either frozen solid or covered with a layer of frost.  The cold emanates from a pale blue cube 7" x 7" x 7" easily found in the middle of the cave.  Adventurers notice all manner of things encased in a translucent tomb of ice - Dwarves, Elves, Human wizards and warriors, weapons (at least one appears to be jewel-encrusted and/or magical), as well as, a trio of Monstrous Winged Azure Worms.

The cube belongs to the sorcerer Ilmantrix.

3)   At some point in the session, the PCs must be transported to a beach of black sand adjacent to a colorless ocean stinking of rotting fish and the corpses of various aquatic lifeforms.  This ocean is a dead world, corrupted by the foul sorcery of wizards from another dimension.  However, there is an undead Aboleth patiently waiting for adventurers to come near the water.  It is a warm, pallid grey with the slimy, gelatinous exterior of something abhorrently unwholesome.


There you go!

Do as you will with them.  However, you do receive critical heroic awesome Venger Points if you're able to wedge all three into your next scenario.  Hey, even incorporating two is pretty cool.  The more seamless, the better - if your players can't tell, then feel free to pat yourself on the back without anyone being the wiser.  Or, direct your players to this post and watch their reaction!


p.s.  If there are any amateur artists interested in illustrating some of my blog posts, please contact me.

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