Thursday, March 14, 2013

Who is the Grognard de Noir Venger Satanis?

I’ll make this extremely brief.  I’m an outsider with a weird vision.  This website serves multiple roles.  The one I’m focusing on has to do with a magenta box given to me in the early to mid eighties.  A warrior and sorceress are fighting off some aquatic Dragon creature in a dungeon.  Need I say more?
I was born the year Dungeons & Dragons was created: 1974.  It’s in the stars and in my blood.  If you love it, dear reader, then more power to you, but 4th edition and the current trends of gaming make me want to puke.  I’m a dinosaur… old school.  I consider myself to be an ancient, black guardian of roleplaying past, present, and future.
Stick with me, and I’ll show you another place, another time… another reality to which our mundane existence can’t hold a torch.

Venger Satanis
Grognard de Noir

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