Thursday, March 14, 2013

Feels like the first time

Yes.  Yes, it does.  I remember the first time my D&D character walked upon the Dark Sun sands of Athas.  The first time a character licked blood from an evil blade.  The first time my Half-Orc rogue shot an arrow through that NPC’s throat as a sneak attack, killing him outright… even though he was supposed to tell us where to go and what we were supposed to do that night.  Aged gamers, like myself, are far from virgins; however, the spray of gore still feels fresh, not to mention wet, upon bearded face!

To go with my renewed lust for pen and paper tabletop roleplaying games, I have a recently created youtube channel and, now, a new blog.  This one.  During the last couple weeks, I was thinking of creating a new website to hold all my ideas and passionate musings on setting, character creation, the sword & sorcery genre, “official” vs. home-brewed rules, as well as, the activity of roleplaying itself – what actually happens when we sit around a table with friends, collectively imagining ourselves as different people existing in a world not our own.

As luck would have it, a poker friend of mine, Brent West, discovered this Empower Network thing.  He blogged about poker.  It looked like something I might be interested in, so I jumped in with flashing blades and a cold, dark fury in my eyes.  Here I am.  This is my new blog.  I’m paying for it right now, but soon… it will be paying for me.

Gah!  Damn you, Empower Network, internet pyramid schemes, and my own foolishness!  Damn you all to Hell!!!  Continuing on...

So, keep coming back to see my daily posts on all things RPG.  Reviews, rumors, and dread ruminations!  I’m mainly focused on old school fantasy D&D type stuff right now because it’s what I’m currently running on Saturday nights… Dungeon Crawl Classics, AD&D, and everything related.  However, I love other games from my nostalgia tinged youth like Vampire, Paranoia, Call of Cthulhu, and Star Wars (especially West End Games’ d6).  I’ll get to play, run, and write about those, too, I’m sure.  All in good time.

Venger Satanis
Grognard de Noir

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