Thursday, March 14, 2013

Unexpected Encounters #1  ~  The Time Piece

Standing before the adventurers, along the western wall, is a large floor clock (what we’d call a grandfather clock).  It’s old with faded, warped wood broken in places and covered in cobwebs and dust.  The clock’s unmoving face has a hair-line crack.

Careful search reveals two secret compartments.  The first, down towards the base.  The second, on the upper right side.

1.  Within is a small but long, dark wooden box.  It looks untouched by the ravages of time.  This diminutive box opens easily, revealing a 6″ doll… a man wearing dark plum velvet robes with teeny-tiny gilded symbols etched upon it.

Flopping around, the intricate detail, and feel of its flesh… dear Gods!  Upon closer inspection, it’s clear that this isn’t a doll at all but a shrunken person.  There’s no sign of life remaining in the shrunken man’s limp body.

2.  The second compartment conceals a scroll.  Not a spell, but yellow, flaky parchment scrawled with ink.  It reads, “I hereby bequeath my time piece to you, Arkebeezer.  By right, it should be yours as you were the last wizard standing.  If the Old Gods yet gaze kindly upon us, the race who built it are long dead.  May their loathsome, spidery ways rot in all nine circles of Hell.”

If the ornate, black hands of the clock’s face are moved in a particular direction, a temporal distortion is created.  This could be anything from a few minutes ago to untold centuries.  Adventurers messing about with it should be in for a surprise.  The Dungeon Master may roll, if he chooses…

1)  1,600 years ago
2)  900 years ago
3)  200 years ago
4)  1 year ago
5) an hour ago
6) an hour from now
7) a year from now
8) 300 years from now

Regardless of the temporal distortion, there’s a 33% chance that a trio of giant Albino Arachnid Devils come crawling forth upon a spider web stretching throughout all of space and time.

Initiative: +6  HD: 7  HP: 42  AC: 13  #Attacks: 1  Attack: +9  Damage: 2d6 + poison (shrinks victim down to 6″ if saving throw failed)  Special: 20% of Albino Arachnid Devils have psionic abilities.  No treasure; however, they are extremely knowledgeable – especially about inter-dimensional travel.


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Venger Satanis
Grognard de Noir

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