Wednesday, March 2, 2022

The Pod-People


They look just like us.  Sometimes, when we're talking about RPGs or the weather, they sound like us, too.  

But make no mistake, leftoids aren't ordinary people.  They've been absorbed into the radical-left hivemind.  They're not empathetic, they're not inclusive, they don't want equality or meritocracy, and if you cross their narrative or criticize their agenda, faceless drones will come out of the woodwork to destroy you, cancel you, deplatform you, defund you, get you banned, and your books burned.

I was told just a day ago that I'm not welcome to run Cha'alt or anything else at Misty Mountain Games (my "friendly" local game store), and that they don't even want Cha'alt on their shelves because it, and myself, apparently, aren't "family friendly" and "inclusive" enough for their establishment.

I made a video about it yesterday.  Several comments pointed out the obvious hypocrisy.  If a game store is going to carry Warhammer, Call of Cthulhu, Vampire, and Lamentations of the Flame Princess, (and years ago the Book of Erotic Fantasy and Book of Vile Darkness) then to single Cha'alt out strikes me as blatantly political.

I'm a moderate conservative (formerly classical liberal) who isn't afraid to call-out woke nonsense, gender ideology child abuse and CRT taught to children, drag queen story hour in public libraries, bad fiscal, domestic, and foreign policy from our politicians, and anti-science mandates / lockdowns handed down from our elite ruling class.  But I've been called a "nazi" by those on the left for years.  And anyone who associates me is similarly smeared.  

But if I stop, fall in line, and conform, they might - just might - leave me alone.  That's damn decent of them.  Sarcasm aside, I think I'd rather tell them to fuck off!

Whatever, I'm over it already.  This blog post isn't to rail against MMG, but to warn everyone out there.  We can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The writing's on the wall.  Pendulums swing one way, then the other.  That's how things go, despite their dreams of endless revolution.  While the woke are losing ground, they're still dangerous, still vicious, still pod-people.  

Now is not the time to plan the homecoming celebration of common sense and traditional values.  We keep fighting, keep pushing back, keep standing up for what's good and true.  The great silent majority rarely speaks up... unless it's absolutely necessary.  Well, look at the state of things!  It's beyond necessary.  Think of all the suffering that could have been avoided if we were gatekeeping back in 2014.

If we don't crush the woke social justice fanatics, there won't be a space for us.  Our own basements will be the only place we can game.  If they could, they'd forcibly remove us from social media, brick & mortar stores, and virtual table platforms - look what's happening on Discord (click to watch video).

Happy hump-day,


p.s.  I'm about to add specific games to the VENGER CON schedule.  If you want to attend my old-school, OSR, and traditional RPG convention in Madison, WI this July, grab your tickets here!  Attendance is limited to 100 people, 18+. 


  1. If you need any support from afar, let me know. It's a fact that we're the decent ones. Keep fighting the good fight, brother!

    1. Thanks, hoss! Keep promoting non-woke indie creators on social media.

  2. Thanks, I love Cha'alt's irrelevant but loving call to all things old-school. Never had a basement to play in, we used the backroom of the HS library. I remember walking with a Goth friend (I was not really a good goth, too chipper in the morning, but I did wear a trench coat, Long scarf & wear a fedora) downtown by Starbucks (a posh trendy store at the time). And all the rich business people staring muttering about us weirdos as we walked by. My friend turned about and said "We prefer Freaks!". LoL, I miss those days when rebellious against the machine was part of what made society run instead of being crushed and called "a science denier/nazi/misogynistic..etc..

    1. I was definitely dark and weird enough to have my own goth phase back in the 90s. Still love the music. Old-school will never die!

  3. As a Christian I wouldn't dream to ban it from my hypotetical FLGM.

    It's a cult, and we're the heretics.

  4. The sad part is, doubling down on denial of reality to fit their square peg ideology into a round hole is nothing new for leftists. Led to mass starvation and execution of wrong-thinkers.

    There's a reason they call everyone fascists, it's because they are a literal continuation of Marxism-Leninism. They would put us in a Gulag or a mass grave if they could.

  5. I smell bullshit. They posted about this on their Facebook page in the summer of 2020. How did they "just" tell you, if you're such a regular customer? Something's not adding up here.

    1. Yeah, dude. It's a shadowy conspiracy of Deep State lies! You got me.

  6. The more they target you, the more you know you're doing something right.

  7. I'd say it's a bad idea to dehumanize them, even if they dehumanize you first.

    That said, any charge they're using against you could also be thrown at LotFP. LotFP is far from family friendly and is no more inclusive. So the heart of the matter really just seems to be your beef with BLM.

    The problem with the culture war is that people are getting more and more insular. They're listening primarily to the people they agree with, and are getting more vitriolic toward the opposing side. Hyperbole is becoming accepted as reality, which justifies more and more heinous behavior.

    I think the best thing to do is just be genuine. If they want to complain that your work isn't family friendly, I don't think that's going to change. You like adult content in your work and you shouldn't compromise on that.

    I think there could be merit to the inclusivity argument. I don't have the books on hand but I remember the humans being primarily (if not all) white and the women in the art being scantily clad.

    Realistically, your audience is predominantly white men like me, but I think it's a net positive to include more diverse humans in the art and text unless there are historical reasons for not doing so. Even then, I'm not bothered by those anachronisms personally, unless race is a pivotal theme of the game. In which case, I'd feel kind of weird about it anyway. Lol

    Cheers, bud. Sorry you're going through it.

    1. Scantily clad women are staying! There's a couple people of color illustrated in Cha'alt, though.

      When leftoids start acting like humans, I'll stop dehumanizing them. ;)

      I'm fine, but thanks for reaching out, hoss.

    2. I agree with Aaron about not dehumanizing them. IMNHO, it's bad strategy. It makes us look bad. They can play the game of dehumanizing us, having us dehumanize them, and then call us out for dehumanizing them, without admitting that they did it first.

      Also, personally, I'm ethically opposed to dehumanizing people, even if they dehumanize me first. That being said, I support your right to decide for yourself what you think is right.

      But, that's just me. You all have a right to your opinion.

  8. You live in fear and it's really pathetic.

    1. Enough to make weekly posts about an imagined form of my political base

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  10. As much as I agreed recently we should discuss less politics, unfortunately the toxic sludge component of our hobby won't let us. I'm not having tantrums, boycotting and cancel calling to stamp out say, LGBTQIA+-$% products about lesbian asslicking vampires nuns, just to throw out an example, so why the hell do we have to cowtow to their tastes?
    Besides, I don't see how Venger's lesbian asslicking vampire nuns are of any less merit. Whether he leans more conservative or believes as they do that progressive socialism will bring equality and justice for all that we somehow don't have already, despite the fact that socialism has never been synonymous with such things, it shouldn't matter.
    Do people not get that being able to censor and banish what doesn't appeal to them can be applied to them too?
    Altar, I wish we all could imagine less cringeworthy tantrum throwers. If you need proof of their existence, listen for the inhuman wailing of delusional adults who were perhaps, never loved enough as children.
    I don't understand. We rose above the Satanic Panic of the 80s only to become mainstream and deal with THIS crap? I'd say a vast majority of the Outrage Herd live in their parents' basements and are trying to glom free pdfs off Itch. People who work for a living to care for their families deserve their unfettered escapist fantasy. If you're not a CHUD like them, you shouldn't rally to their banner.
    This guy isn't advocating the mistreatment of anyone. If people don't like his books, they're free not to buy them with Grandma's Social Security money or the disability checks they receive for morbid obesity. That's how that works.

  11. My main beef is he is living in a different reality. I'm leftist. 90% of my friends are leftist. We aren't what this douche says we are. We like edgy shit, we make rape jokes, we don't advocate for erasure of artistic expression (though I agree some leftists do, but nowhere near as many as venger retardis likes to say, and alot more conservatives advocate for that). The key difference is that vengers political opinions actually get laws passed that effect lives. His political base works very hard to mettle in the private business of hard working people (my dad is a leftist homeowner and blue collar worker, you are also living in a fake reality) and his ideal society requires that people be fundamentally different. I just want to see people have basic respect and stay in there own lane, let people be happy while reducing harm done to others. But when I see someone dedicate their life to whining and bitching about inane shit like this, I feel compelled to bully their weak ass.

    If venger wants to make this a political blog, then this is what he gets to deal with.

  12. Oh and just as an aside, if any woke person (white, black or otherwise,) believes that supporting BLM and throwing money at them makes the world a better place, understand that BLM uses that money to bail out child rapists and murderers while doing diddly squat to address black on black violence, including the deaths of innocent children. After you fact check that, please pat yourselves on the backs for being such good human beings.

  13. Altar, you just advocated not "mettling" (sic)(meddling) in people's lives, yet you freely admit you came here to bully. I'm sorry you feel guilt for your status in life, support causes only for your sense of self worth and need to oppress those that don't oppress you. Cuz.. That last part's really bad, right? In your cosmology?
    Radical iberalism always wilts under the harsh glare of logic.
    Had I been alive during the times of FDR or JFK, I might have voted for them. Those aren't the Democrats if today. The side you're on invents battles to fight and sows strife in order to cement their power base while ignoring the real ones. They churn out their brand of snake oil, telling you what to think, not helping you learn to think for yourself.
    I get it. It's trendy to be woke. You feel like you're the better, more compassionate human. Until the guy who was let out of jail due to bail reform God forbid kills someone you know, or someone important to you loses their job because of some green energy initiative that doesn't work or due to diversity hiring quotas which don't really encourage diversity or a competent workforce.
    Maybe you'll get it someday.

    1. You are assigning alot of beliefs to me because you have a cartoon version of a leftist inside your sloped skull. I can fuck with whoever I want online, because I'm not the government. When the government does that you can start getting mad. They aren't though. All these responses that you assholes throw fits about are just you guys proving to be unpopular. You're bad at communication. You're socially retarded. You don't get how to keep your cards close to your chest. You can't go 5 minutes without bitching about politics, but you try to claim that you are presenting the "politically neutral" content. Venger isn't getting banned from conventions for making books with naked ladies, he's getting banned for shitting on LGBT people and not knowing how to be a basically respectful human being. You can disagree with demeaning and not make that your whole personality you know

  14. I didn't ascribe any physical attributes to you, unless you belong to the aforementioned categories.
    Isn't is also "politically incorrect" to say, "retarded?"
    So keeping your cards close to your chest means you can think as we do, just not voice it? I'd love to keep political leanings out of games, but unfortunately I have to read ten dead tree pages of X card nonsense in every book because people feel compelled to put it in there. Yes, let's ask everyone at the table if they're comfortable with rape and then force them to throw down a card. Let's tell people to be respectful of each other meanwhile that should be understood.
    Can you cite how he did either of those things you mentioned? I'm actually uninformed about these instances. Is disagreement with a viewpoint the same as demeaning someone? I'm not being facetious. I really haven't seen examples of this behavior, just a lot of chodestools saying that he's a hateful, card-carrying Nazi. Please enlighten me as to the need for torches and pitchforks.
    FYI the current establishment does fuck with people online. They're just smarter than Russia and haven't taken away Facebook entirely because they realized it's one of their most powerful sources of monitoring, censorship and misinformation. It's the quid pro quo for letting FB continue to monitor and sell your information. That was exposed even further by the "whistleblower," whose only gripe was that she wasn't told to censor people enough. I work with someone whose daughter was employed to perform that activity. She said it was ridiculous what she was supposed to look for as "hate speech," especially during the election period. And she was a registered a DEMOCRAT! Needless to say, she couldn't vote that way any longer.
    I hope you can have a similar epiphany.

  15. I can say retard because I know I'm not ableist, but I'm not going to use it against disabled people or say it in front of people who don't know that about me. Unless I'm using it to insult you and your kind, because I don't give a shit what you think about me. That's called "knowing my audience".
    You're right, you didn't assign any physical attributes to me at any point. I genuinely have no idea why you said that. I said you had a sloped skull and that's the only time "physical attributes" has come up.
    Keeping your cards close to your chest means not airing out your dirty laundry to anybody that you see. I had a fantastic dm that was conservative leaning that I got along with just fine. Then he starting dropping conservative talking points into everyday chit chat (I hadn't done this with my politics). It made talking with him suck, and I'm almost certain it's because he started following Venger. It's frustrating because outside of politics, I respect vengers work, but I have no respect for him as a person after seeing the sheer amount of bitching and moaning he gets up to, how victimized he feels, how he's in desperate need of a diaper because he can't help but shit his worthless opinions out constantly. It's fucking pathetic. As pathetic as when a leftist feels the need to inject their politics into every faucet of their life.

    I'll admit, in my brief searchings I haven't found a specific thing he had sound denouncing LGBT, although in a previous reply to a comment he corrected himself saying women by saying "persons who give birth" as a facetious way to refer to trans folks. Completely unprompted. I highly doubt he was using this genuinely, and I get the sense he probably gets triggered by people who go by they/them and stuff like that. I've never said he was a nazi, I just think he's an asshole, and he's also on the side of th3 aisle where nazis make camp. Nazis probably agree with him alot. Imo you should rethink your life if you find a nazi saying he likes your opinions.

    I'm aware the world is fucked, but at this point politically, most leftists have to vote dem as a bulwark against conservatism, not because they support our beliefs. I would gladly throw most politicians into the ocean.
    Also when I said the government wasn't fucking with you, I should rephrase that; the government is surveilling all of us, but it's not deplatforming you or harshing your political beliefs. Normal people are doing that. So when I see conservatives say all this deepstate nonsense about how the online space is against them, it irritates me because it's just normal people responding to your unpopular opinions.

    1. Your argument is basically like this, "I can get away with being racist because I know, deep down, that I'm not racist."

      The lack of self-awareness is staggering!

      If you want to be a liberal, fine. I don't have a problem with that. But leftism is a disease, and it won't lead to anything good.

  16. You just illustrated everything wrong with your argument better than I could. Thanks for citing that single and discreet example of referring to lunacy. You just saved me a lot of typing. I tip my hat to you, Sir (or whichever appellation or plural pronoun you claim as a singular entity, should that be the case.)

  17. Dr. Martin Luther King jr. was a Republican, and so too were the majority of Congress members who voted for the Civil Rights Act to get it passed. Theirs was the "unpopular opinion" at the time.
    Don't worry, VS. This too shall pass. We shall overcome stupidity.