Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Long Game


As I've mentioned before, my focus has been on one-shots and micro-campaigns lasting 3-5 sessions.  That's pretty much all I could get away with considering my crazy-ass, wild, carefree, Satanic orgies before teatime lifestyle of a wife, 5 kids, job, and suburban living.

However, one of my goals for 2022 is refocusing my roleplaying towards longer campaigns.  That's what I did in my youth and now I feel like I'm missing out by constantly restarting.  Hey, it's been a blast, tons of fun, but I'm shifting gears.  The sleeper must awaken!

You've probably also heard me talk about the January 2022 Kickstarter for Book 3 of the Cha'alt trilogy - Cha'alt: Chartreuse Shadows.  Well, included in that book will be another version of Crimson Dragon Slayer.  It'll still be rules-light, but this incarnation will be suited for the campaign, rather than individual sessions.

It's going to have negative character traits and cultural backgrounds, along with extra classes, more races (especially those included in the Cha'alt books), and I'm going to tweak the epic deeds of awesomeness.

Similar to what I've done before with my Purple Islands sessions, players will get a fuchsia stone to keep track of their character's Divine Favor.  Usually, PCs each start with one and may earn more through play. 

You can trade-in 3 of the fuchsia stones to get a chartreuse stone (still searching the internet for the right shade of chartreuse).  The chartreuse stones are more valuable because they can be spent to automatically (no rolling needed) do something spectacularly awesome in the game.  I'll provide a cheat-sheet for those desiring recommendations on far you can take it.  

There'll be more, as well.  The revised Crimson Dragon Slayer D20 cleaned-up and tacked-on several changes to the original, but this new edition will be more than a fresh coat of paint.  I'm tentatively calling it Advanced Crimson Dragon Slayer.

Obviously, I'm going to have to playtest the shit out of this.  Where will I find the time?  Good question, might have to clone myself.  Or perhaps someone out there wants to help test things out with their own long-term Cha'alt campaign?

By the way, I'm launching another Kickstarter next week to help raise money for more Cha'alt adventures and to sell more books.  It's called Cha'alt After Dark, and will have an extra sleazy edge.  If you want to order your glorious hardcover before the crowdfunding begins, check this out.



p.s. It's been awhile since I've seen reviews on DriveThruRPG, TheRPGsite, reddit, etc.  Please write a review of my stuff - it keeps me going.  Thanks!


  1. As Shadow Demonis, I can play test with my group and report back to you. My CDS games have been one shot or a few follow-ups. I am an interested party. I am running a few of your games at both the local cons these few months,Phoenix and GameholeCon for both CDS and Blood dark thirst. A couple of standard games but, I do have a couple of BIG plots which the players typically fall for.

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