Saturday, June 5, 2021

Summer Kickstarters


Yeah, I've got another one coming up in a week or two.  However, I wanted this blog post to shed light on a couple of lesser known Kickstarters...

The first is something called Revenge of the Gobcocker!  Come for the 13th Warlock's erotic computer generated art, stay for the miniatures.  I used a number of his images in latter-day Alpha Blue supplements.  Good stuff!

The second is for Creature Feature Quarterly, volume #6.  Who doesn't need more fearsome foes and creepy creatures to fight in their OSR games?  Jeremy Hart illustrated a gorilla monster with tentacle arms in, I believe, Revelry in Torth.

I'll do an announcement post for my own Kickstarter somewhere between June 10th - 15th.  Until then, have a great gaming summer!


1 comment:

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