Friday, January 8, 2021

Brink of Civil War

TL;DR:  If you thought this bullshit was over with 2020, think again.

Sorry for the lateness of this blog post... I thought it important to wait a bit and let the dust settle before I recklessly shoot my mouth off as many of my colleagues have done.

If you've been on social media the last couple days, you can hear the left cry out with indignant glee!  They're thinking "We've got them now, those bad, lousy, no good, very bad Trump supporters.  We can label them terrorists, just like we've done for years [albeit with softer voices] and be done with Orange Man Bad forever!"

Bad news, leftists.  What happened at the Capitol was your fault.  You did this.  

  • You tried to impeach Trump BEFORE he was even inaugurated in 2016, denying he won in a fair and free election with your Russian hoax - when it was the Clintons who colluded with Russia via the Steele Dossier!
  • You've been insulting and demonizing Republicans, conservatives, and Trump supporters ever since Trump declared he was running for president.
  • You normalized violent protests, demonstrations, rioting, and occupying territory throughout 2020.  The media, politicians, celebrities, Big Tech, corporations, and even some law enforcement agencies gave their approval.
  • You convinced a plurality of Americans that America itself was systemically racist and then tried to fix the imaginary problem with critical race theory, defunding the police, and Green New Deal.
  • You locked everything down so people couldn't do much of anything - extremely limited socialization, entertainment, religious celebration, political organizing, and going back to work.  15 days to slow the spread has turned into 9 months of house arrest.
  • You threw away all the voting norms and safeguards we've had in place until just before the biggest and most contentious election in U.S. history.  And when Americans cried foul, you censored them, discredited them, and continued to insult them while wondering why the other half doesn't want to unify around Biden and his supporters.  

I don't have any proof (aside from the anecdotal evidence one can easily find online) that the election was stolen away from Trump.  And I'm not sure why holding a political rally at that time and place was considered a good idea.  But it's also not surprising.  What did you expect would happen?  

Will there be more political violence in 2021.  I hope not, but it seems likely.

A woman lost her life.  So many more people lost their lives throughout the "mostly peaceful protests" in 2020.  It all seems tragic and needless.  

I don't know where the line between protesting and rioting is, anymore... what's tolerated and what isn't.  And I don't know where we go from here.  But it doesn't take a genius to see that whatever we've got going on right now isn't working.

Eventually, both sides need to come together on something (hopefully, multiple things) in order to successfully move forward into the future as a nation.  Until then, there will be chaos - the new normal.


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  1. The crazy leftism is the inevitable result of generations of leftist professors since the 1930s. Some even received stipends from Moscow until 1991, and maybe a few still get cash from Communist China! They brainwashed youth into Communism and made them believe that their highest calling is to devote their lives to wiping the shitty bums of ungrateful groups! Americanism, patriotism, family values, all are pooh-poohed. America is the greatest! Fight to preserve it. I'm a Canadian yet I say so. You don't know how lucky you are living in a place with restrictions on government, not on the people.
    And this was no riot, that's more media spin. It was a protest against things like unconstitutional changes to election procedures. Signed affidavits, but the courts just IGNORE people. If the government doesn't serve the people, the people are right to oppose the government.

  2. ...P.S., why does this new Presidency resemble the movie series WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S? I'm getting a strong vibe of people valiantly pretending Biden's mind is still alive. He's just set-up to be a ritual Old White Male sacrifice. His teleprompter is turned off, he babbles and drools, is declared unfit, and then Kameltoe becomes President and introduces leftist Chiang Ching Gang of Four shit on America.

  3. Bison boy had a selfie with Pelosi's son at the capital... fishy in denmark... and its beyond the smell.

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  5. Thanks for the comments, everyone! Find me on parler, mewe, and gab later today.

    If cultural Marxism hadn't taken over RPGs, I wouldn't be as vocal about stopping it. We all need to oppose radical leftism!

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  7. >cultural Marxism

    Aaand that tells me everything I needed to know.

    1. Not my fault the radical left wants to deconstruct and reimagine America for their own purposes. Follow the teaching of Marx, see what happens.

  8. Thank you Venger! JB's post on the 6th had me rather down (I dislike splits in the gaming community - trivial compared to real work events, but I come "here" for escape and all that). Good to see another perspective with good sense.

    1. "real world events" that was supposed to have read.

    2. Sorry to be a “downer.”

    3. The depressing part is how readily you've believed the disinformation being shoveled by the Democrats, media, and tech companies. I've always liked your content JB, and frankly thought you smarter than this. I mean go ahead and hate Tfump all you want - he certainly can be a jackass - but please don't be so blinded by it you throw out reality just to accommodate your hatred.

    4. Thank you for the comment, DeusNihl.

      Negative views of moderate conservatives and national populists have become rather commonplace in RPG circles. That's a real shame because we all have things in common. Politics shouldn't divide us, but it does.