Friday, November 16, 2018


So, I've seen my fair share of abuse, harassment, mistreatment, and outright lies spread about me since yesterday's blog post.  Wow, that was fast!

I've even had my posts/comments flagged so they were taken down by Google.  I'm disputing those, but that will surely take some time.

I chalk this up to transphobia.  Well, that and people assuming they know me better than they actually do.

For those still unsure, this is not a joke or jab at trans-people or some kind of publicity stunt.

I simply identify as a green-skinned, tentacled, alien humanoid - za'akier.  That's who I feel that I am, what I believe myself to be and identify with.

As for other trans-people, I feel for you!  Yeah, this past 24 hours has revealed quite a bit.  Of course, nothing compared to what people have to go through in real life.  My struggles are merely on the internet.  I don't really mention the whole za'akier thing with friends, family, co-workers, etc.

But we all knew the ugly side behind the civil veneer, right?  It's hard to come out and face the mob - on both sides!  So, my tentacles go out to everyone.

I'm very much a free-speech advocate and admire Jordan B. Peterson's efforts to fight against radical-left tyranny, as well as, the far-right extremists in the world.  Both are abhorrent to me!  I don't believe the government should compel its citizens to use certain words, such as preferred pronouns (even if those words are kind or appropriate under the circumstances).

Furthermore, I don't believe in hate-speech.  Who decides what is hateful?  By their own standards, many SJWs who've interacted with me yesterday and today would be guilty of such a thing.  Yet, I wouldn't want any of them to be fined or imprisoned for speaking their mind.

A couple people mentioned something about doing a charity thing for some of my products.  I think that's awesome, but don't want to strong-arm anyone into donating or having to decide which charities are the most worthy or anyone wondering if I'll pocket the money because I'm some kind of scumbag (I'm not, actually).

So, instead, I'm simply making certain titles FREE from now until after my birthday on November 25th.  If you're so inclined, donate the money saved to whatever trans-person or otherkin charity of your choosing.

Here is the core rulebook Alpha Blue.

Here is the best-selling Adventure Writing Like A Fucking Boss.

Here is everybody's favorite OSR campaign setting / adventure by Kort'thalis Publishing The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence.



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