Thursday, November 8, 2018

D&D 5e Survey

I have some burning questions for 5th edition gamers.  Hopefully, you guys can answer them.  It'll help me prepare for the Cha'alt kickstarter that will launch just before Thanksgiving...

1) Back in the day, when playing AD&D many gamers defaulted to the basic version of the game, similar to original D&D, rather than using all the extra mechanical bells and whistles contained within the AD&D rulebooks.

What I want to know is how many 5e gamers play their D&D in a simplified or old school / OSR way?

Specificly, would you consider full 5e stat-blocks to be essential in a 5e compatible product, or would providing the most important stuff be an option / acceptable?

2) Since official D&D 5e settings are few and far between, how much campaign setting material would you like to see in a published adventure?

3) How much guidance (or hand-holding, if you prefer) would be ideal, in your view?  A sentence here and there about the designer's intention or what's going on in general?  Paragraphs on setting things up before each chapter?  Or pages about how to run scenarios with boxed text and sidebars containing GM advice throughout the book?


Thanks for taking the time to answer this questionnaire!  Keep an eye on this blog for mentions of the upcoming Cha'alt news.


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