Friday, March 27, 2015

Writing a Modern Day Investigative Horror Scenario

It's been awhile.  While working on the Game Mastering book and other life stuff, I haven't had much time to roleplay.  That's why the long space between posts, in case you were wondering.

However, a confluence of events had prompted me to write an investigative horror scenario.  This will be a short thing that can be completed in three hours.  Probably 9 or 10 pages.  I'll most likely release it as a $1 PDF on DriveThru when it's ready.  I'll craft it as mechanically generic as possible, should be good to go without much conversion for whatever your RPG of choice is or might be in the future.

So what are these stars in alignment?

  1. Walpurgisnacht (May Eve) is upon us!  I've actually got prior commitments on that night, but was able to secure a local library meeting space for playtesting on both April 18th and May 15th (let me know if you'll be in the Madison area and want to participate on either of those dates).
  2. I've wanted to both write/publish and Game Master something other than D&D for ages.  Now's my chance!
  3. I'll be running this scenario at Gamehole Con this fall.  If you check out their website (or simply look at the upper right corner of this post), the artwork for Gamehole's 3rd year as a convention is about as Cthulhu as it gets.  Yes, my "investigative horror scenario" will be inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.  Did you have any doubts?

As some of you may know, I work best when faced with a deadline (self-imposed, preferably).  The more pressure I'm under, the better I perform.  So, there are plenty of disconnected ideas floating around my subconscious, but I don't have anything written as of right now.  That'll change as April 18th draws nigh.

Have a suggestion?  Please feel free to make one (or a thousand... who's counting?)  If I incorporate something you suggested into the scenario, I'll be sure to give you credit in the front-matter of the PDF.


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