Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Story Map

My friend +Vb Wyrde has a really cool post about story maps here.  Personally, I think it's an awesome idea.  I've seen something like that before - probably multiple places - though nothing specifically comes to mind.

I'm also fond of the "story dungeon map" found in the DCC game and other books.  Not exactly the same thing, though it comes from the same place - wanting the map to become part of the adventure rather than the utilitarian marking of places you've been, would like to go, and desperately want to avoid.

Anyways, Wyrde's example reminded me of the painting in the hatch on Lost.  Just finished the 2nd season and about to start on the 3rd tonight.  Still really enjoying it all over again, by the way.  Since he hasn't seen the show, I'm including the image for everyone to see.  It's an interesting, colorful mural that really opens up your imagination.

So, I want to know if you've ever made something like this or thought about it.  If so, how did it go?  If not, do you think you might one day?  What's stopping you?

I'll be mentioning the art of story mapping in my upcoming book, How to Game Master like a Fucking Boss.  Your feedback is appreciated!



p.s.  In a way, this sort of ties in with my idea of doing a vision board for your campaign.  Although, I think a Story Map would be easier and more useful.

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