Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Face Off

I've been watching the practical special FX tv show on the Syfy channel from the beginning, back when they still called themselves Sci-Fi.  Since I love older science fiction, horror, and fantasy movies and tv shows that used those sort of non-CGI effects, it's always been a pleasure to see.

Last night was no different.  Although, there was one concept that totally blew me away.*  It spoke to me in that creepy voice you only hear in a nightmare.  While Adam wasn't able to fully realize his vision, that concept drawing was everything I love.  Ironically, that makeup sent him packing.  However, I've been inspired to incorporate his basic conception in my future investigative horror scenario.

I'm tentatively calling it "The Outer Presence".  It's basically already written in scribbled note form.  All I have to do is type it up into a pleasing, useful format.  Part of me is tempted to do a Kickstarter, mostly to raise awareness because I just don't have the advertising dollars available.  If I went the KS route, I'd probably feel obligated to extend and expand the scenario so it also included a softcover version.  FYI, I'm not comfortable starting a new KS campaign without first having discharged my current KS campaign.  Yes, multiple Kickstarters can be done but I'm pretty sure it would make some backers uneasy.

The only downside is that such an endeavor would postpone any science-fantasy OSR adventure I might write.  The investigative horror scenario is in the same ballpark, of course, but it's still a slightly different audience.

So, I open it up to you guys!  I don't know how to make an actual poll, so below are your quick and dirty choices...

A.  Just do a short PDF of The Outer Presence in between your D&D type stuff. 
B.  Do a longer version of The Outer Presence with softcover via KS. 
C.  Forget this system agnostic Call of Cthulhu-esque nonsense; focus on your D&D type stuff.

Thanks for your feedback,


p.s.  Currently, I can't find an image of his concept drawing on google.  I'll try looking later in the week.  If you spot it somewhere, please let me know.  Thanks!  The second image posted is kind of close... but not really.

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