Monday, June 19, 2023

The Cult of Cthulhu


A lot has happened since I founded the Cult of Cthulhu nearly two decades ago.  

Over the summer of 2004, I ritually conceived the Cthulhu Cult, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.  Then, in the Spring of 2005, the organization was fully realized or birthed in the form of a May Eve weekend convention in Madison, WI known as Cthulhu One.

Since then, the Cult of Cthulhu has grown, expanded, receded, and was temporarily put aside to make way for new endeavors.  Now, it has come out of hibernation with not one but two different groups that spawned from the original.

The first is the Satanic Thulian Society's Cult of Cthulhu run by High Priest Lucifer LeGivorden who is taking the Cthulhu Cult back to my own LaVeyan roots.  Their website can be found here.

The second Cult of Cthulhu is being reopened by my old right-hand-man High Priest Beast Xeno.  He's still working on reorganizing and developing a clear focus of where his Cult of Cthulhu shall go in the years to come.  In the meantime, he's running the old Order of the Nine Angles website here.

Both groups are clearly anti-woke and Left Hand Path.  They believe in a higher power that is bigger than ourselves, and that we are called to more than mindless servitude or pleasure-chasing.  They each have my support and are officially recognized as Cthulhu Cults with my full blessing.

While I, myself, am not going back to actively running the Cthulhu Cult day-to-day, but instead will remain the Ipsissimus (the eye in the pyramid), watching, waiting, and preparing for future struggles.

Nevertheless, I shall be advocating for three things, three new initiatives... three long-term goals to keep the spirit of the Cthulhu Cult alive and focused on real-world action, here and now...

  • Forging an openness, understanding, and compatibility with our shared religious and philosophical brothers and sisters.  Any individual or organization who values family, faith, and freedom are our allies - especially in these dark times of wokeness, Communism, and radical-leftism run amok.  Those are the forces wishing destruction on our civilization, that would deny objective reality, in hopes of rebuilding their Utopia upon the millions who fundamentally disagree and must be purged, instead of simply accepting human nature for what it is.
  • The creative, spiritual, and existential fulfillment I've received from engaging in fantasy roleplaying games (yes, like Dungeons & Dragons... but don't buy from Wizards of the Coast, they're woke) has opened my eyes to new possibilities, and continues to be at the forefront of my magical work.  While it is certainly escapist entertainment, it's so much more than that.  We are manifesting worlds, realities, and visions undreamt that can be accessed by the initiated and shared with anyone willing to participate... merging objective and subjective universes into a sorcerous, hyper-conscious state of being known as  PSYCHOCOSM !!! 
  • The full legalization of cannabis, as in marijuana.  Great strides on decriminalization have already been made, but there are still a variety of obstacles before the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana is accepted.  In order to speed the process along, I'm officially declaring marijuana use a holy sacrament of the Cthulhu Cult.  Let this God given right be recognized by every governing body across the land!

On a monthly basis, I'll be posting matters of religious, magical, and philosophical persuasion for those interested in such things.

Until then, have a great week, hoss!  It's almost exactly one month before VENGER CON II: Electric Boogaloo, my Madison, WI roleplaying convention in July.  Weekend badges still available.  ;)


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  1. Hmm, interesting.

    "We are manifesting worlds, realities, and visions undreamt.."

    One thing I have learned from my decades old love affair with gaming is this..... my very best work and ideas write themselves. I always feel more like I am "channeling" worlds and characters rather than creating them.

    While I am defintely "crazy" and borderline insane, its nice to know someone else has had a similar experience.

    "You laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at you because you are all the same."

    1. Some dreams are similar... those of the Appendix N authors, weaving weird, sword and sorcery tales; however, every vision is unique because the players inhabit their characters, bringing them to life.

      You're not the only madman at the gate, hoss. Whose tentacle knocks the loudest, the most insistent?

      Ia Ia Cthulhu fha'atgn! Shemha'amforash! Long live the Cult of Cthulhu!

    2. Yeah, my latest session of Traveller (the 21st) wrote itself. I had no prep time, was occupied with journaling the last session, and Roll20 site maintenance, then the game-time comes. But I knew the universe intimately, that there was a political sweep on this planet, the planetary federation was tired of lawlessness and crime and corruption (the same corruption the PCs were dipping in). The Navy occupied the planet for a forcible government change. One ex-intelligence character in the crew was reactivated to help investigate a politician's illicit contacts, but the CHARACTERS were the politician's illicit contacts! How ironic! So the sweep of events blows characters around like in DOCTOR ZHIVAGO, but I had to dole some character agency as well. A great impromptu session.

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  3. I have no issues with marijuana use, if done responsibly. Unfortunately that's a huge part of the issue. Blanket decriminalization is not truly the answer, any more than we should let someone drink a bottle of Jack Daniels and drive through a school zone. Unfortunately a lot of this was rolled out (pun not intended, but there it is) before anything was put in place to enforce abuses. They literally put the cart before the horse with all of this.
    I live in New York, I now see trashbag mothers smoking blunts while pushing baby carriages. Very young minors have access to it. People who could barely drive straight before smoke constantly while driving with no fear of consequences. Police won't even enforce the existing laws because.. why bother? They're vilified enough already and we have a DA who doesn't want murderers prosecuted, much less anyone eise (unless they happen to be ex Presidents.)
    I respond to carcaccidents daily, and I can tell you we don't need more distracted drivers on the road.
    If human beings could be trusted to actually adhere to a "TOKE RESPONSIBLY" PSA campaigns, maybe it would be different.
    I'm not trying to take people's bowls away. But anyone who leans right, believes in family values and acting responsibly should wonder why, after all these many years, there was a hard push for this. It's because they want a pacified public. Sure, some of us creative types probably do some of our best thinking while baked. But that's not everyone. Unfortunately there's a lot of wake 'n' bakers who live in a perpetual fog, literally and figuratively.
    The very same political pundits we rail against have an agenda and this is part of it, just as surely as wiping college loans from the indebted but not those who paid, giving reparations to people who have every modern advantage and then some and allowing open borders and fighting to give illegal aliens voting rights is part of the agenda. In this case, it's not just the "What." It's the "How" and the "Why."
    We all knew it would likely become legal some day (Philip Morris had box designs ready to go for years.) We all suspected it would be taxed at some point. But it's not being heavily taxed. Not yet, at any rate. 🤔Hmm..
    . You mean the people here in New York who charge a transportation tax on my phone bill and who want to ram congestion pricing down our throats don't want the revenue from this? Seems dodgy unless just like with everything eise they do, they want to look like the good guys who gave something to the people.
    Think about it. Then pack your pipe, have some mac 'n' cheese and think about it again. You know I'm right.
    Just my two cents.
    Um.. Hail Mighty Cthulhu?
    This won't revoke my travel voucher to the Dreamlands will it?

    1. Your Dreamlands passport is secure, hoss, don't worry!

      You make good points. What I've heard in the state of Wisconsin is that "the tavern league" is lobbying to keep marijuana illegal, which is just as bullshit as the casinos forcing Texas Hold'em to remain a criminal enterprise in the entire country.

      Absolutely, any mind-altering substance should be used responsibly. I don't want distracted drivers, either. But we're not talking about reinstituting Prohibition, are we?

      The least of New York's problems are people getting high. Aside from everything you mentioned, just re-read The Horror At Redhook!

      For now, we'll have to extend life, expand consciousness, and figure out space travel via the sacred rituals of Cthulhu.

  4. You are correct. Incidentally, I have a friend who's a fireman who works out of Red Hook. I keep asking if there's any strangeness and he says no, just frequent gas leak reports although they do find the occasional ripe stiff.

    I wish you happy spacefolding. If you figure it out, let me know. I'm hoping lucid dreaming gets me there eventually, but I keep ending up at a mall with no shoes on.

    1. The origami of space travel... within her wormhole is a little paper unicorn... pink corrupted by zoth!