Saturday, October 31, 2020

Zardoz - Cha'alt Sale


Beloved cinema icon, Sean Connery, has died at the age of 90.  That's a well-lived life.

Aside from James Bond, one of my favorite Sean Connery movies is Zardoz - which is why I've included a few references in my gaming products.

Zardoz sees the most coverage in Cha'alt - that's why I'm running a huge sale on the PDF - only $5!!!  It ends Sunday evening.

Remember, if you want the luxury hardcover, it's $10 off through election-day!  Ordering details here.

Happy Halloween,


p.s. How about that latest episode of The Mandalorian, huh?  Talk about something right out of Cha'alt!  

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  1. Compare with:
    Howard Campbell: "How would you like to come back to America after the war as heroes?"
    Lazzaro: "Great, as long as I could wear that fag outfit!"