Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Fighting Back!

This blog post right here is emblematic of how bad it is out there, how disgusting, how distorted, how venomous.

If you're an inch to the right of Joe Biden, you're called a nazi, and this is acceptable on twitter, FB, and elsewhere on social media.  

They'll try to gatekeep and cancel your existence in the OSR or RPG hobby/industry/community... if you let them.  Personally, I'd rather stand up and fight far-left keyboard activists, SJWs, Antifa/BLM, Socialists, Communists, and even Democrats too far gone from TDS to denounce this kind of bullshit.

My friend, Aaron the pedantic, has his own blog post where he tries to lower the temperature, ease tensions, and find common ground.  I support his efforts, but I cannot simply keep to myself, not get involved, and plead "neutral ground".  I have a dog in this fight and it's name is FREEDOM!!!

Those who support me and others in the OSR should not be afraid.  Individuality is the key to America's exceptionalism.  If you have a voice, let it be heard.  Otherwise, we may all be silenced.  

As I mentioned here, it's important to vote in this upcoming election.  Do you want to see America burned to the ground or succeed like never before?  Trump is the way!  Trump is the OSR!


p.s. If you're unaware, my latest work Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise is garnering rave reviews (even Ben Shapiro says so, go look... I'll wait) because it's fucking awesome!  I encourage you to see for yourself.


  1. As I stated on Twitter, the Twitmob (well she or it only has 7 followers) seemed to be under the false believe that there is one, monolithic OSR COMMUNITY.

    The Twitmob likes to believe this because they really wish to be able to control not only the content of the games that fall under the banner of the OSR, but also who can claim to be a participant in the OSR.

    The Twitmobster actually claimed that since persons like myself don’t agree with her / it, then I don’t play OSR games, I don’t own OSR games, I don’t run OSR games and I certainly don’t write for OSR games.

    This quite frankly was the most bizarre thing I’ve ever read. But then she proceeded to kick me out of the OSR. She then kicked you out and another tweeter out as well.

    So now I’m contemplating how I might go forward in my post OSR RPG game playing? I wonder if I can even open my AD&D 1E books? I’m guessing the ban extends to Cha’Alt and Lion & Dragon? All the great titles I have from Bloat Games.... I bet Grim Jim’s games are off limits as well.

    By the Gods this Twitterthing has massive power! Oddly that still didn’t tip her off to blocking me on Twitter. Lol, what a true omnipotent ruler of the OSR.

  2. I agree that people shouldn't be afraid to "be conservative" and "be in the OSR" simultaneously. It's a pretty fucked system when you can't operate in an industry without serious barriers unless you toe the line.

    I don't think Joe Biden is as bad as you say, though. He's a moderate, and I have a very strong suspicion it'll be business as usual with him. I think he adopted a lot of social justice ideology on his platform to get the Bernie Bros on his side, but other than some racial equity budget stuff, it's fairly tame. I think the far left will find him unsatisfactory and resume rioting (if they ever stop) and I don't think he'll hesitate to get Democrat leaders to shut them down.

    That's just my opinion, though.

    1. You may be right... which could also be the worst of both worlds. I don't know, either. But Biden is a really old career politician, Kamala is a power-hungry opportunist, and that's really all I need to know.

  3. What are any of these politicians doing to prepare us for the effects of the Grand Solar Minimum? Such a manageable cycle if we all just got together.

  4. http://vengersatanis.blogspot.com/2018/05/no-politics-please.html

    1. I tried. I was horrendously "outvoted". And if leftists won't leave us and our games alone, then we must stand up for what's right.

    2. I doubt anyone was bothering you or your games with their politics. If you're bothered by what other people do with their games, then that's on you.