Monday, March 9, 2020

The Cha'alt Challenge

I laughed quite a few times when listening to the 3T RPG Podcast.

This episode... they review Cha'alt!  Loved it, and they loved Cha'alt.  I thought it was funny, awesome, and interesting... what are your thought, and what is this challenge?

See for yourself.  Make up your own mind.  Is Cha'alt the best D&D campaign setting and megadungeon ever made?  Can you play it without falling in love and/or die laughing?  Challenge yourself!

FYI, I've got about 250 hardcover Cha'alt books left.  If you want yours before these gorgeous, signed, limited edition books are all gone, then send $60 via paypal to

If you live within the USA, no further postage is necessary.  If you live overseas, that's going to be an extra $25, I'm afraid.



p.s. If you buy the hardcover, you get the PDF for free!

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