Saturday, March 14, 2020

Gonzo Flavored Ice Cream

A friend came to me with a question the other day, "How would you adjust using [generic fantasy adventure or campaign] with Cha'alt?

My advice was thus...

If you're interested in mixing vanilla fantasy with Cha'alt, I'd suggest separating the two.  There's the "normal" D&D world, and then there's Cha'alt.  Just like Alice tumbling into Wonderland, Dorothy being swept into Oz, or Neo leaving the matrix.  There needs to be a dividing line.

Mixing the two would be like mixing vanilla ice cream with raspberry, pineapple, and lime sorbet with a banana split and double-chocolate mint rocky road.  The vanilla would get utterly lost in the wild flavor extravaganza.  Mix any generic fantasy setting with Cha'alt and you get Cha'alt.  It dominates, and rightfully so... my eldritch, gonzo, science-fantasy, post-apocalyptic campaign setting and megadungeon kicks fucking ass!

Ok, so what about introducing the PCs to Cha'alt?

Instead of Ravenloft mists, I'd suggest fuchsia and chartreuse slime.  It creeps up on the adventurers, rises up over their heads, and then SPLASHDOWN on the hapless PCs!  Consumed but not devoured, they're transported to the weird world of Cha'alt.

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  1. Or what if the D&D PCs go down a long, winding corridor (against NPC warnings) and come to a dead end with a giant, puckered sphincter leaking zoth? Upon investigation, the hapless hobbits and fighters are SCHLUPPED up into the orifice and slide sideways through Wonka's Tunnel o' Terror (TM)! Nearly drowning, they finally surface from the sickly moisture on the magenta baked shores of Cha'alt?