Sunday, March 1, 2020

Bryce "Ten Foot Pole" Lynch reviews Cha'alt

I waited until I had the house to myself before I read it...  because who knows what kind of ranting, raving, macho-man t-shirt ripping high-jinx I'd get up to. 

After all, he savaged Dead God Excavation in his review last year.

Well, I was sorely disappointed.  This was an extremely positive (for Bryce), albeit brief, analysis of Cha'alt.  Here it is... enjoy!

Meanwhile, I've got about 250 premium, gorgeous, hardcover Cha'alt books remaining.  You want one?  It's $60 via paypal:

Price includes shipping throughout the USA.  Overseas, it's an extra $25.

Books are signed and numbered.  PDF is included in the price.  If you already have the Cha'alt PDF, you can choose any other Kort'thalis Publishing PDF in its place.



p.s. Want a counterpoint review?  This one by Endzeitgeist is more in-depth, and he loved the two non-pyramid dungeons!

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