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Alpha Blue session report: Second Time Only Costs You Credits

Continuing Friday's one-hour game (that invariably takes 90 minutes to complete) from last week, I've got a whole new actual play to report on.  There were two new players, neither of which had ever played Alpha Blue before...

Patrick H's character was Miles Artemis, a human space pirate with telepathic abilities wearing an outre denim ensemble with over-sized collar in orange sunburst and pink.  He wielded laser nun-chucks and throwing stars.  His sexual fantasy/fetish is amputees.

SirSPT's character was Katya Vosdil, a human (female) medic from one of those Slavic countries on old Earth, though she used to be a slave on Arrakis, who's also incredibly lucky (re-roll any dice pool once per session, which, now that I think about it, I forgot to tell the player.  Oops!  I'll give him two re-rolls next session), wearing a leather acid wash uniform in flesh tone (Caucasian), beige, and silver.  She wielded a laser rifle.  Her sexual fantasy/fetish was tentacles, monsters, creatures, aliens, etc... and she's also bi-sexual.

The player mentioned up front that he was modeling Katya on a previous player-character from one of his Warhammer 40K sessions, possibly influenced by Babylon 5's Susan Ivanova.  No problem there, Alpha Blue's rules are extremely light and flexible, most of the game is in the roleplaying.

GM:  A shuttle is taking you both to Alpha Blue, one of the largest and most notorious pleasure stations in the galaxy.  You notice various space phenomena on the way and make idle small talk with your fellow passengers.

Miles Artemis and Katya Vosdil are seated next to each other and so the two of you have been talking most of the way.

A service-bot is scooting around the shuttle, asking anyone if they want a purple prizm to drink.

Katya:  I shift somewhat uncomfortably next to Miles, really hoping to not get captured and sold off again.  "So... what brings you to Alpha Blue?"

GM:  Both of you notice an inordinate amount of "rough types," aboard the shuttle, spacers criminals, degenerates - human and alien.

Miles: I reach into an inside pocket, grab my personal flash, swallow a mouthful of sour whiskey, and offer it to Katya before responding to her question.  "I'm looking for some work - heard this was the place to go, ya know?  Also, I'm mighty curious to see Alpha Blue, my adventurous spirit demanded it."  I let out a small laugh.

GM:  The service-bot rolls up to where the two of you are seated, "Would the lady and gentelman care for a purple prizm?

Miles:  I ponder for a moment, "Aye, I'll take a purple prizm."

Katya:  I shrug and try to play along.  "I'll take some purple prizm, too."

GM:  It hands Miles a purple-colored can of sparkling grape soda.  You crack open the top, about to drink in the delicious carbonated burn... when an alien grabs the prizm out of your hand.  He takes a long drink, finishes it, and throws the empty can in your lap.  "Now get yourself one, space chump."

The service-bot uses its robotic hand to offer a purple prizm to Katya.

The alien has a large, bulbous and veiny head, wearing purple robes.

Miles:  I let out a booming laugh at the alien, "Well, that's mighty polite of you, ain't it?" resting my hand on my weapon, "I'm sure you only meant to take a sip."

Katya:  I look the can over, then the alien over with a mixed reaction before watching Miles to see what he does.

GM:  The alien replies, "Put that thing away, human.  You don't want to mess with me.  I'm wanted in 12 systems for mindless violence and piracy in high space!"

Miles:  "Well, ain't that something, a fellow pirate, is it?"  I laugh a bit more before offering my own flask to him.  "Why didn'tcha mention that in the first place?"

GM:  The alien smiles and takes a couple steps back, as if he's decided to terminate the interaction before things escalate.  Miles senses that this alien jerk is going to fire on him as soon as you go back to whatever you were doing.

The alien winks one of his many black-within-black eyes at Katya before leaving.

Miles:  Just so I read clear, he left but will eventually shoot at me?

GM:  He's slowly leaving, but still within sight, maybe 20' away, leaning against the shuttle's inner door.

You look into the alien's mind and see that he plans on shooting you before the shuttle gets to Alpha Blue.

Just then, an automated female voice announces, "Two minutes before this shuttle reaches its intended destination."

Katya:  I fan myself at the alien's gesture.  "He's nice..."  I mutter as I hand my can of purple prizm to Miles.

Miles:  Probably will regret this, but I fake a movement of bringing the flask to my lips and whisper the words "He's about to shoot, you might want to duck," to Katya before taking one of my hidden ninja stars and throwing it toward the alien's head and throat in a quick, sudden motion.

Katya:  I look over with some confusion before watching Miles throw some sort of projectile.  With a quickly explaimed, "Cyka!" she hits the deck.

GM:  Your laser throwing stars slash the alien's face and body [13 points of damage].  Bright green blood gushes over the floor as he raises his blaster to fire... [I end up rolling a total of 21 damage]

Miles gets shot right in the chest.  There's a large energy burn in the center of your outfit, ruining it.  You have 4 Health left.  Your move, Miles.  Also, once per session, you can double your dice pool.

Miles:  Do I have more of those stars?

GM:  You have unlimited stars.

Miles:  I'm going to throw more at him and double my dice pool.

GM:  Ok, roll 6d6, and good luck!

What's Katya doing besides trying not to get shot?

Miles, your highest result was a "5," unfortunately.  So, I'm going to roll 2d6 damage (exploding) for you.  [I roll a 5 + 6 + 6 for a total of 16]

Katya:  I fumble for my old laser rifle and glance around in case anyone else starts shooting or throwing stars around.

GM:  Several of your laser stars embed themselves in the alien's head, neck, and torso.  More green blood oozes out and he slumps down in front of the inner door, dead.

Katya doesn't see anything besides people cowering and also trying not to get shot.

Miles:  I walk over to the body, checking to make sure the alien is dead, taking the gun from its hand and my thrown stars before walking back to my seat, "Well, now that hurt a bit," I grunt in pain.

GM:  The automated female voice over the shuttle's speaker says, "This shuttle will arrive at its intended destination in 10 seconds.  Please stay seated until the vehicle is completely still.  Have a wonderful day, and thank you for traveling Federation Space."

Does Miles also search the alien's dead body?

Miles:  Yes.

Katya:  I rise to my feet, now pointing the rifle at Miles.  "Debil!  What are you thinking?  You cannot just murder aliens!"

GM:  You retrieve your laser stars, take his blaster, as well as, find a black pouch and three drink tickets for the Blue Oyster Lounge (an Alpha Blue bar).

Miles:  "Listen, sweetheart, I'm a telepath.  He was about to shoot me; I managed to strike before he fired his first shot."  I grunt again in pain.

I open the black pouch to see what's inside.

GM:  You find 32 greenish-blue marbles with pink sparkles.  At least, they look like marbles.

Katya:  Pressing the laser rifle against Miles' head, "You have no right to call me 'sweetheart,' cyka.  I'm going to need more reason beyond telepathic bull."

GM:  While Miles examines the contents of the black pouch, taking a few of the small, colorful spheres out and putting them back in, a 3' tall insect humanoid with cybernetic enhancements walks up to you and makes you an offer.  "I'll give you 100 credits for those things."

Miles:  "Shall I read your mind to prove that I can do it?  Also, the way he moved said he was about to attack.  I seen it many times from pirates to hired killers."  I put my hands up to show no weapons to Katya.

I say to the insectoid, "Sure.  Sold, buddy," and hold out my hand for the credits while I give him the pouch.

GM:  The little insect alien hands Miles 100 credits and pockets the black pouch containing those marbles.  "Thanks.  By the way, I like the way you handled that scum, you really draxed him the sklonst."  Then the insectoid turns to Katya and says, "This human's a real droom'bsh.  I'd hang on to him if I were you."

Katya:  I think for a moment before lowering my rifle.  "Zayebis.  Fine, but if I find you going off and throwing more stars around at people, I will come down on you like blizzard on invading army."

Miles:  I let out a small chuckle and bow my head to the insectoid, "Why thank yah for the compliment," holding up the drink tickets toward Katya and the insect, "When we get in, first round's on me."

GM:  "Yaaz!" The insectoid exclaims.

Katya:  I mull the idea over for a moment before shrugging.  "Sure, would be a waste to turn down free drink."

GM:  The three of you go through the usual decontamination screening before reaching Alpha Blue's central terminal.  You easily find directions to the Blue Oyster Lounge.

Moment's later, you walk into the lounge.  It has dim, midnight-blue lighting.  You hear soft but eccentric alien jazz played by an exotic looking trio of blue-skinned humanoids.  Drinks are being poured by a human bartender.  Several patrons are sitting at the bar at various tables.  Most are alien.

Miles:  Nodding his head appreciatively, "I can dig this place, shall we grab a table or sit right up at the bar?"

GM:  Katya immediately notices an alien humanoid of ambiguous gender with pale green tentacles.  It's sitting at the bar.

Katya:  "Bar," I say without hesitation.

Miles:  I let out a booming laugh, "Bar it is!"

GM:  The three of you sit at the bar.  Katya maneuvers herself to sit next to the tentacled lifeform.  The bartender asks if ya'll want to order the special.

Miles:  "What's the special?" I ask the bartender.

GM:  "It's today's drink.  You wouldn't know it by its name, pal."  The bartender chuckles.  "Ever heard of a flaugyn'naar?"

Miles:  I laugh a bit.  "Don't think I have, but I'll give it a try!"

Katya:  I hold up two fingers.  "One for me and one for my tentacled friend next to me."

GM:  The bartender pours 4 drinks in clear, rectangular glasses.  The liquid is thick, red, and bubbly.

"Thanks for the drink," the tentacled humanoid replies.  "A pleasure to meet you.  My name is Jayna."

Miles:  I put down the three drink tickets, "This is to cover me," points to Katya, "her," points to the insectoid, "and him."

GM:  The insectoid asks Miles, "So, are you working with anyone... like a crew?"

Miles:  I shake my head, "Nah, I actually came here to see what work I can find, see what this huge place has to offer."

GM:  "That'll be 10 credits for the 4th drink," the bartender says.

The insectoid says, "Well, I might have some work for a droom'bsh like yourself.  Pays real well, too."

Katya:  I nod at Jayna while setting 10 credits on the bar.  "Pleasure is all mine.  Katya Vosdil, MD at your service."

Miles:  I grin wide.  "I'm all ears.  What kinda work we talking about?"

GM:  The weird drink is cold and tastes like a mix between strawberries and raw shrimp.  It doesn't do much for Miles, but Katya feels especially in the mood for love...


Unfortunately, work duties in the real world abruptly halted our game.  Both players said they had fun, so I plan to pick things up where we left off next Friday.

And then the Friday after that, I'll be at GaryCon running Crimson Dragon Slayer and more Alpha Blue!

Thanks for reading.  I hope you enjoyed this actual play report of "Second Time Only Costs You Credits."


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