Friday, March 17, 2017

Alpha Blue session report: Third Time's the Charm

This Friday's Alpha Blue game on Roll20, we had a recurring character Katya Vosdil and a new character Kanan Singe.

Kanan is a bright orange feathered humanoid who despises all forms of slavery and prefers to lip read and use non-verbal communication, but will speak when he has to.  He's a con man and wields a sonic shotgun.  His sexual fantasy/fetish is feet, legs, shoes, boots, stockings, etc.

Third Time's the Charm

GM:  Katya finds herself in the restroom of the Blue Oyster Lounge with that androgynous, green-skinned, tentacled alien.  The two of you have sex for about an hour in one of the booths.  Katya gets a 1d4 bonus to her Health [I rolled a 4].

Meanwhile, Kanan is also on the Alpha Blue space station.  Any idea what you're doing there?

Kanan:  Looking for long-legged partners or some con job opportunity.

GM:  You wander into the Blue Oyster to check out the action.  A small group of humanoid women are in there, completely nude.  You also see a few spacers at the bar, and several humans and aliens spread out across a few tables towards the back.

Kanan:  Ok, I flirt with the females to get some rumors.

Katya:  After my hour of fun, I stumble out of the bathroom more disheveled than before.  "Opa, I haven't enjoyed myself that much since I switched out all water for vodka in academy for day!"

GM:  One of them flirts back with Kanan.  You find out these women are against wearing clothes as they fight against the oppression of fabric.

"Buy me a drink?" She asks Kanan.

Kanan:  I like their attitude against oppression and I buy her a drink.

GM:  Katya comes out of the ladies room to find Miles no longer in the lounge.  However, the little insect dude is still there, drinking at the bar.

Kanan, you buy the girl a drink at the bar.  She's cute and has fur all over her body.

Kanan:  Ok, cool.

GM:  She asks, "Have you ever heard of Grabba the Butt?"

Kanan:  I say something dirty in sign language, caressing her fur.  Can she understand my species' sign language?  "I have only vaguely heard the name."

GM:  She understands your basic intent.  "He's a notorious gangster who lords over this system and several others.  I work for him and have to do a job in an hour, but until then I'm free."

[I roll twice on the Peculiarities, Hang-Ups, and Assets of the Female table on page 22 of Girls Gone Rogue... drug smuggler and doesn't know (or care) right from wrong.]

Katya:  I drag myself over to the little insect man, the only familiar face in a sea of strangers.  "Hey, little bug man, what happened to the murderer?"

GM:  The little insect says, "He's out killing some people for me.  Nice guy.  I have a name, you know, it's Xyap'stee.  By the way, did you have fun?"

Kanan:  To the girl, "You work alone?  Maybe you need a partner...?"

GM:  "My name is Cherry, and you'll find that I have zero inhibitions.  I want you to fuck me right here on this bar.  Then, we'll talk business."

Katya:  "Oy blin, it was lots of fun.  The feeling of many tentacles over skin is so... erotic."

Kanan:  I caress Cherry's legs and then I suddenly lift her on the bar and things get more serious.

GM:  Katya, you see what's going on.  There's a naked furry woman right in front of you.

The human bartender says, "What the fuck?"

Kanan:  Hehe.

GM:  Xyap'stee says, "Yaaz!  This is a banner day for droom'bsh."

Katya:  "Ooooo, looks like fun time all around," I say while stepping closer to watch.

GM:  Cherry puts her feet in your face while you're pumping her full of your feathered penis.  It doesn't take you long to climax and her, too.  [I roll 1d4 for Kanan's Health bonus and get a 3, giving him a temporary Health total of 28]

Katya gets the best view in the house.

Cherry whispers, "Good thing you didn't put it in my butt - that's where I'm hiding the drugs."  Katya is close enough to hear that, as well.

Kanan:  I whisper back: where do you have to deliver it?

GM:  "Grabba the Butt wanted me to smuggle drugs aboard Alpha Blue.  I'm supposed to meet a dealer named Axle in a half-hour from now.  You can come with, just in case he's dangerous.

Kanan:  I grab her butt [GM: she's plenty used to that considering who she works for - haha].  "Come on, lets find a quiet place to sample it a little.  You don't want to deliver low-grade stuff by accident."

GM:  "Ok," she says.

Kanan:  I look at Katya and smile.

GM:  Xyap'stee says, "Did you hear that, Katya?  Maybe we should follow them?"

Cherry brings Kanan over to a dark alleyway where a prostitute is giving some spacer head while a nearby alien is lying down on the floor, shooting up.

Katya:  I give a quick nod and smile to Kanan before turning to Xyap'stee.  "I hear you on that.  Maybe we find something interesting... or more murder."

GM:  "Wait up, my friend," the insect says to Kanan.  "I'm handy with a laser."

[The entire "adventuring party" assembles in the dark alley]  Cherry puts her fingers in her butt, eventually removing a clear plastic bag full of blue powder.

Kanan:  Do I know this stuff?

GM:  [I roll 1d6 for his knowledge of illicit substances and get a "3"]  You've heard of it before but don't know its properties.

"It's called Blue Sunshine," Cherry says.

Kanan:  Ok, I subtly make it so that Cherry tries it first to see the effect.  If she doesn't get a bad reaction, I'll also try it.

GM:  She sniffs the blue powder.  After a couple of minutes, you see that she's feeling tranquil and euphoric.  "This is good shit."

Kanan:  I take a small dose like her and offer some to Katya and Xyap'stee.

GM:  You take a little up your feathered nose as Cherry did.  It gets you high, like you're full of positive energy.

Katya:  Mulling the idea over for a few moments, I take a small dose before handing it over to bug man.

GM:  Xyap'stee takes a small dose, as well.  When he's finished, says "I can't wait until we get to the homicidal maniac stage.  That's always been my favorite part of Blue Sunshine."

Kanan:  I caress Cherry's butt and say (while using my suave sign language), "Let's make this sweet delivery."

GM:  Cherry replies, "Yeah, I guess we should meet up with Axle.  Otherwise, Grabba might get mad at me and throw me into his tentacled vagina pit."

Katya:  "Blyat, tell me you're joking about homicidal maniac stage."

Kanan:  "Homicidal maniac stage..." I absently smile like it's no big deal.

GM:  "You guys didn't know?"  Xyap'stee says.  "Oops."

Cherry leads all of you to room 22 on C-deck.  "This is it," she says, knocking on the door.  "Axle's suite."

The door opens.  You see a human sitting in a chair that looks like a scooped out hard-boiled egg.  Presumably, this is Axle.  He stands and takes a few steps towards all of you.  "I wasn't expecting an entourage."

Kanan:  "Don't worry," I smile.

GM:  "Fine, come in.  Let's not do this out in the corridor."

Katya:  I proceed to worry under the joyous buzz of the Blue Sunshine.

Kanan:  Quietly, I ask Xyap'stee how long before the HM stage?

GM:  Axle points to a silver suitcase on the table.  "There's 10,000 credits in there.  Show me the drugs."

Xyap'stee says, "Should be hitting us pretty soon..."

Kanan:  I smile.

GM:  Cherry tosses Axle the baggie full of blue powder.  "You're kind of cute," she says to the drug dealer.

Kanan:  "He could have nicer legs."

GM:  Cherry slinks over to him and starts massaging him over his pants.  "I took some ecstasy a couple hours ago, before my friends and I got to the Blue Oyster."

Katya:  "Eh... not really my type."

Kanan:  I look around to see if there is anyone else, guards or some lootable stuff.  Also, secondary exits.

GM:  You don't see any guards.  Might be something lootable in the bedroom.  Just then, you hear a voice from outside the room.  "Federation security!  You have 5 seconds to open the door before we blast our way in."

Kanan:  I go for the bedroom to see if I can grab something in the confusion.

GM:  Ok, you run into the bedroom and find a thermal detonator, an old map, and a flask full of some unknown liquid.

Katya:  I scurry to find something to take cover behind.

GM:  Katya can either hide in the closet or behind the couch.

Meanwhile, Cherry isn't wasting any time.  She's sucking Axle's dick and he's just standing there, enjoying it.

Kanan:  I grab all the stuff, if I have the time.

Katya:  I toss myself behind the couch because I was already out of the closet.

GM:  Haha.

[The Federation trooper has almost reached 5]  The door starts turning orange, then white.  The PCs figure they have a few more seconds before the Federation are inside.

Kanan:  I get ready to throw the detonator at the door (except if I know that the blast would vaporize us, too).

GM:  "That's it, suckers.  We're coming in!"

Kanan:  I thermal detonate the door.

GM:  Axle says, "Did you just do what I think you did?"

Katya:  Scrambling for laser rifle, Katya silently prays she isn't found.  Or that the murder stage of the buzz doesn't kick in.

GM:  The door melts just before the thermal detonator goes off.  [I make to-hit and damage rolls for everyone present.  Unfortunately, the Federation troops are barely touched by the explosion and most of it affects Axle, Cherry, and Kanan Singe.

Kanan:  I scream, "Don't shoot!  There was a terrorist attack!"  Con man thing, maybe.

GM:  [Out of 2d6, his highest result was a "3," so no dice]  "We're not stupid, spacer.  Put your hands up, come quietly, and you may just live to see the surface of Cygnus Beta."

Katya:  I clutch my rifle before hopping up from behind the couch as her haze turns to rage.  "A nu chiki-briki i v damki!"  She shouts before opening fire.

GM:  Cygnus Beta is a well-known penal planet.

Kanan:  Do we really feel a murder rage or is it just a placebo effect that we imagine?  :D

GM:  Katya, I'll give you two "steal the spotlight" bonuses this session because I forgot about your character's luck last time.

Kanan, you feel like killing someone with your bare hands... or whatever you've got handy.

Cherry finally finishes Axle off and grabs her blaster.  She starts firing on the troopers.

[At this point, it's an all-out firefight.  Many dice are rolled.  Our heroes eventually whittle the Federation troops down, but not without taking a casualty.  With one trooper left, Kanan fires, misses, and takes one too many to the chest.  Yellow gore gushes out of him.  Kanan Singe is dead.  Finally, it's Cherry's turn and I roll unbelievably great for her - she somersaults behind the trooper and shoots him in the back of the head, ending the battle.]

Final Thoughts

  • We finally got to some sex!  About goddamn time, too.  
  • I was looking for an orange bird-man, and the closest thing I found was those alien guys from Earth Girls Are Easy which, if you think about it, is kind of Alpha Blue.
  • I had to invent a name for the little insectoid post-game because it bugged me (pun intended) that we kept referring to him as bug man or that insect dude.  Xyap'stee has a name... and feelings!
  • The penal planet Cygnus Beta was based on Cygnus Alpha from Blake's 7.  
  • Drugs are bad, yo!
  • I'm sad that Kanan Singe died, but roughly a third of all 1st level characters seem to die in Alpha Blue and that's by design.  One of the many things that, in my opinion, makes this game seem old school.
  • I also wasn't thrilled that an NPC pounded the last nail in the coffin of that battle, but the dice decided - another old school trait.
  • It never fails that when a shitload of dice get rolled at once on Roll20 (like 6d6), the numbers turn up low.  It's happened so often that I'm thinking it must be something in the site's algorithm.  
  • I keep forgetting to think about sound.  It's easier face-to-face, but I could work something out ahead of time.  Life is hectic with 5 kids.  FYI, our oldest turned 6 yesterday.  Happy Birthday, Briella!
  • Katya Vosdil reached 2nd level.  For these 90 minute games, I feel that leveling every other session is appropriate.  


No game next Friday because I'll be attending Gary Con!  If you see me walking around or whatever, definitely say hi or just give me the sleazy eye.


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