Tuesday, March 7, 2017

O5R Virtual Tabletop RPG Platform

Off and on, I've been using Roll20 to run brief one-shot games for Alpha Blue and write post-game session reports for them... like this.  I limp along with Roll20, mildly dissatisfied with the format/platform because of the counter-intuitive stuff that bothers me and their refusal to expand the drop-down menu of available RPGs to choose from.  In my opinion, the infrastructure is better than nothing at all, but just barely.

I have a tech/gamer friend who's helping me create a website with Alpha Blue character generator and text-based solo adventuring.  But since Roll20 isn't really doing it for me, I've been talking to him about creating a new virtual tabletop platform... especially one geared towards the O5R movement.

This is all just talk at the moment - and early stages of that, even.  However, I'd be quite interested to know how you feel about virtual tabletop sites/systems, what do you currently use and why, what do you like, what would you like to see in the future, and what irritates you?  Any feedback you can share is appreciated.



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