Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Presidential Election

Remember Universal Exploits?  That was an Alpha Blue sourcebook and campaign guide I published a few months back. 

It's got a ton of random tables and ideas, giving your sci-fi or space opera RPG of choice more than a little edge.  But what's the significance with the upcoming election?

I wrote some satirical political stuff, mostly about Donald Trump and included it in UX because he was a big focus in the daily news cycles.  They were written before Trump was the official Republican nominee for President of the United States. 

Since we're so close to election day, I decided to have a 50% off sale on the Universal Exploits PDF (softcover books on DriveThru and Amazon / CreateSpace have also been discounted, just not as much).  The sale will run until the election is over and the result is finalized... which could be well into 2017 considering what we've seen so far!

Even if you're not interested in the "space Trump" humor, I hope the star pulp and vintage sleaze are enough to take your mind off things.  ;)


p.s.  Even though the Amazon price has been changed, it will probably take several hours for the updated price to show.

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